July 23, 2024

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Why Does My Hand Hurt? 5 Causes of Hand & Wrist Pain

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One of the delicate parts of the human body is the hand and wrist, they are two parts that do different functions yet, one can’t work effectively without the other. As part of the body, the hand and the wrist are vulnerable to pain, however, the pains are usually healed within a few days after proper treatment. Different conditions can result in pain or other signs in the hands and wrists region, and the good news is that these pains can be treated.

In some situations, you might feel pain in your hand or wrist and the cause might be undetected. The hand does many things with help of the wrist that enhances flexibility, therefore any pain within the area can be discomforting. But what could be the cause of pains in the hands and wrist area that might keep you from doing things? Let’s discuss some of the popular causes of pain in this part of the body which you may know;

Raynaud’s Phenomenon

This is a health condition where the external part of the body experiences reduced blood supply including the toes and fingers. The disease is a result of cold especially when a person is stressed or excessively exposed to cold weather. Ideally, when the body encounters too much cold, it affects the internal flow of blood to the skin, therefore, the blood vessel is narrowed. The symptoms of Raynaud’s disease are fingers changing color, tissue damage, etc.

Carrying Excessively Heavy Loads

With the support of the wrist for agility and flexibility, the hand is used to carry. Imagine when the hand carries loads weighing about 75kg daily, this may cause you to experience pain. When you suffer such pain, it will be difficult for the hand to perform its initial function. This condition or cause of pain is mainly common with people who work in the factory. When the muscle gets stressed excessively, the joint and ligament will experience pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A Carpal tunnel is a passage that connects the ligament and bone located at the base of your hand. It contains the tendon that allows movement of the fingers. This sickness occurs when the narrowed carpal tunnel squeezes the middle nerve. When you feel tingling, fingers itching, and frequent burning, then these are signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. And can cause pains to the hand and wrist region of the arm. Most times, the pain is felt in the index and middle finger.

Bad Fall

No one plans a fall, but due to unconscious error and environmental factors, anyone can fall. A bad fall as the name implies isn’t a great experience. A bad fall can easily affect the hand or wrist and cause severe pain. People who encounter this usually think of a self-care treatment or maybe rest at home. However, for a responsive and one-off recovery process, you need to know the main cause of the pain, so that you can undergo treatment accordingly. For instance, a bad fall can affect the ligament and muscle easily.

Trigger Finger 

Trigger finger is an occasional health condition where you can’t straighten a finger or thumb from your hand properly. When you feel this pain, you may require the help of a second hand. This health condition mostly affects the ring, thumb, and middle finger, and sometimes, you may feel pain on all the fingers at the same time. When this occurs, there is a striking sensation that comes from the finger region, and you’ll feel this during the early hours of the day.