December 5, 2023

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6 Pros and Cons of Dental Fillings

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6 Pros and Cons of Dental Fillings

Most people experience tooth damage or tooth decay, and dental filling appears to be one solution to these dental challenges. Dental fillings entail removing the decayed and decomposed spot of the tooth and guard the spot using a protective material. The material will protect the tooth from further damages and improve the functionality and appearance. Filling the tooth is an affordable option and has a long-lasting feature due to the materials used in making the fill.

Technically, everything that was created in the factory or out of the factory has merits and demerits. However, most people believe that dental fillings don’t have any benefits, but we believe it’s a valuable option. To give you insights, we have carefully researched and created this mini-guide that focuses on the pros and cons of dental fillings. This post will influence your decision to choose a dental filling option or others to fill your cavity.

Pros of Dental Fillings

#6 Improves Tooth Aesthetics

If you prioritize the aesthetics of your natural teeth, then the dental filling is a great option you could easily consider. Fillings are made of composite resin and such materials fit the rest of the teeth perfectly, and no one would be able to notice and tell that you have a tooth filling in your mouth.

#5 Quick & Easy Fix

Dental fillings are one of the quickest and easier preventive materials that can be fixed unto the mouth. This is possible because the fixing process does not require the utilization of more than 3 clinical tools.

#4 Reduced Pain

While dental fillings are one of the dental repair options that are easy to fix, it is also less painful during and after installing in the mouth. The patient won’t feel much pain compared to the pain felt during the early stage of tooth damage.

#3 Improves Resistance

Dental fillings provide additional resistance to the outer and inner tooth section, hence the tooth fights against bacteria and germ.

#2 Saves Money

One of the things that comes to mind when you want to install dental fillings is the amount it costs. Dental fillings are one of the cheapest ways to transform a damaged tooth, hence it helps save money.

#1 Durability

Dental fillings are made from robust components which makes them durable and last longer (up to 5 years).

Cons of Dental Fillings

#6 Stains The Teeth

When dental fillings aren’t installed in the mouth properly, it can cause stain around the teeth and may require stain removal which is an added cost.

#5 Contains a Chemical Substance

The dental fillings are made from a combination of composite materials, and these materials have chemical substances. This is harmful to the body.

#4 Increase Tooth Sensitivity

Most patients have made complaints of how they respond to cold drinks etc. (the feeling could be a shock) and according to laboratory tests, this could be the result of the teeth reacting to varying temperatures.

#3 Weaken The Tooth

This is possible once the decayed teeth are removed because most tissue will be removed to allow the installation of dental fillings. The remaining teeth in the mouth will get weakened.

#2 Alter Tooth Placement

Following the damage of the tooth, it is compulsory that before dental fillings installation is carried out, the tooth will be removed. At this time, the placement and tooth arrangement may have been altered.

#1 Tooth Discoloration

Issues like the discoloration of teeth have given rise to concern during the installation of dental fillings. The color of the fillings may be different from that of the natural tooth