November 29, 2023

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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

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Teeth Whitening

Every one of wished our teeth were whiter or slightly brighter. It means we cared about teeth and wanted a more beautiful smile. Most people care about their smile and teeth; therefore, they choose teeth whitening as a special and unique method to whiten and enhance their smile appearance. The point is how the whitening process does work. Whitening focuses on changing your teeth’s color or removing the dental stains from the tooth’s front surface. Different kinds of stains can affect your teeth color. As a professional dentist performing teeth whitening services in Scarborough explains, dental stains are divided into 2 categories, intrinsic and extrinsic dental stains. The second group comes from foods and drink habits such as black tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking or tobacco. The first group of dental stains comes from your teeth themselves. Stay with us to get more information about the whitening process.

When Do We Need Teeth Whitening?

Different things can cause the yellow or dark color of your teeth. For example, your teeth may become yellow due to age, taking various medications, or dental trauma. You can experience teeth whitening to have brighter and whiter teeth.

The whitening process depends on chemical materials that break down teeth’ dark and yellow stains and remove their molecules. Most cosmetic dentists use hydrogen peroxide as the chemical material to whiten your teeth.

They apply this chemical material to your teeth then hydrogen peroxide turns to oxygen and water in your mouth. After these procedures, oxygen enters your teeth’s enamel and affects the dental stains on your teeth.

Oxygen can break dental stains and removes them somehow. Besides these procedures, there are different methods to whiten your teeth. You can use special toothpaste to prevent your teeth from becoming yellow or dark.


How Is Teeth Whitening Process?

Before getting ready for the whitening process or asking your cosmetic dentist to perform the whitening method, you must use whitening strips. You may be able to bleach your teeth with the help of whitening gel without the help of a cosmetic dentist.

In contrast, the whitening process concentrates on hydrogen peroxide; other whitening methods contain a lower level of this chemical material. Whitening is the most professional method among different dental cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic dentists will remove different dental stains from your teeth easily and quickly. Let your cosmetic dentist whiten your teeth efficiently and professionally with the help of the whitening process. Moreover, it is possible to use unique and specific devices to whiten teeth.

Some cosmetic dentists use laser whitening methods, while there are some unique lights to whiten people’s teeth. These lights and laser devices create hydrogen peroxide and help whitening procedures.

It is not a one-time cosmetic method to have white and bright teeth. The whitening procedure depends on different matters, such as below items:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your habits
  • Drinking and eating ways

In case of following your previous eating, drinking, and smoking habits, you will be yellow and darker teeth. So be careful about the procedure and take it seriously.