July 21, 2024

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Living With An Injury or Disability? 5 Reasons Why Someone Should Hire You

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Living With An Injury or Disability? 5 Reasons Why Someone Should Hire You

Finding employment can be a challenging task, in any circumstances.

Employers are looking for specific qualities to fill available job roles, after all, so it’s important to know how to market yourself in order to show potential employers that you would be a great fit for the job.

If you are living with an injury or a disability, it is valuable for you to know what strengths and traits you have to put forward in order to show employers you are a great potential candidate.

Below, traits that employers across all industries, will value and prioritise when hiring, which you as a person with a disability or injury bring to the table:

A Positive Outlook and Attitude

When you are living with injury, illness or disability, your lived experience entails having to hone your interpersonal skills as you navigate your disability in the health sector, and in the community.

This skill is transferable to your  attitude at work, and how you will be interacting with people in the workforce. Your extensive experience in communicating and working with people, you will be able to work well within a team, and provide a lasting positive mark wherever you go.


Through living with disability you have encountered and overcome some significant physical and mental challenges.

Whether this is related to learning to live with your new circumstances, or navigating the health system, dealing with discrimination – your experiences have forged you into a determined individual.This is important to employers because determination is key to any task. A willingness to learn and see jobs through to completion is highly favourable.


As a person with an illness or a disability, one of the most important ways to maintain your wellbeing, lifestyle and mobility is to be creative.

Your creativity isn’t just limited to being a hobby – you use creativity daily in problem-solving, social activities and in your mobility. Your experiences are more diverse than most people’s. This unique perspective doesn’t just give you a broader point of view, it gives you initiative and resourcefulness in dealing with a range of issues.


A trait which is highly valued by employers is reliability. It’s not just being able to show up on time, it includes having an keen sense of self-awareness, being a good communicator and being able to work consistently towards completing a task or a goal.

People who live with injury, illness and disability can make reliable workers. They have a highly developed sense of self-awareness, giving them the ability to know and communicate which tasks they can, cannot or would like to learn how to complete. Furthermore, they have an enthusiastic desire to perform well and achieve goals at work, which an employer will value immensely.


Resilience is a key attribute that great workers must have. Not everything goes to plan and being able to adapt is a priceless skill to have. It allows you to  work on a problem from a different perspective is a valuable skill that a person with a disability offers.

Wanting to get back into the workforce? Disability Employment Services are here to help you find the right job for your needs and requirements.

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