December 3, 2021


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What Is Acupuncture And How Will This Therapy Benefit You?

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What Is Acupuncture And How Will This Therapy Benefit You?

People from different parts of the world have our own beliefs and cultures, which has led us apart, but we have enough respect for one another, that’s why, we still exist today. Even if we are coming from different races, we do not take that as a reason to not count on various therapies and medicines, introduced from other countries because we are hoping for a treatment that suits our health needs. This is very true for individuals, who are relying on Chinese therapeutic treatments, which they can get from various experts like what the Healing River Acupuncture offers.

Actually, an Acupuncture involves the use of tiny needles, which is just like the diameter of a hair strand and this will be inserted into particular points only, which means that it should not be inserted into any parts of the body. Some of you might be wondering, if this really hurts, but it is actually painless because of a very shallow way of insertion. You may experience a tingling and mild pain feeling, but this is just a part of the healing process, since this method aims at relieving body pains.

You should know that after this treatment, you will feel that your body is filled with energy and relaxed as well, which means that your body responded to the therapy and allowed the blood to flow naturally. Actually, the reason why the energy is not flowing, is due to the fact that something is blocking it. But after the session, the blocked passages will be free, so, you are supposed to feel better and lighter, which are the feelings that you should expect.


If you have plans of trying this therapy, then you should first consult an expert, especially when you have requests, which needs further discussion. There will be no specific preparations, anyway. Therefore, feel free to talk about your concerns with the acupuncturist – continue reading from

Remember that communication is very important between the patient and the acupuncturist, so that the treatment will work accordingly. The expert will have to use a technique, depending on the patient’s need, which means that it is essential for you to be honest and you will receive the best approach that is specifically for your own circumstance.

Aside from that, make sure to wear a comfortable or loose clothing and eat well a few hours before having the treatment. Do not take alcohol as well because this won’t be a good idea.


Headache, Shoulder And Neck Pains

Through an acupuncture, you will be able to minimize the tension felt on your head, shoulder and neck. Are you even aware that pains on the mentioned parts of your body is a sign of an internal imbalance? I guess, you will never know about this, unless you will consult a professional for regular check ups.

Anyway, this traditional Chinese therapy will be looking at the root and causes of the pains that you are experiencing and it will relieve you from it. Of course, the acupuncturist will have to ask you about your lifestyle, routines, activities and diet, so that you will be assessed and he can determine how to treat you. Since every patient comes with a different case, you will be treated differently, which means there would be an approach for treating these kind of pains.

By the way, the circumstances and the approaches may not be the same, but Acupuncture therapy will be used and that comes with these traditional needles. I supposed, you are aware about that, since you have consulted an acupuncturist. Anyway, this is not only popular in China, but all over the world, too, which means that it is an accepted remedy.


Due to your workload, you might be feeling too much stress. Well, everybody is often in this situation, that’s why, a lot of people are trying to have a break from work. However, have you ever thought about consulting an acupuncture specialist to minimize this stress?

You should know that this therapy is a good way of keeping the nervous system in moderate state. This means that through this treatment, there would be a stimulation as well as reduction of the cortisol and endorphin hormones that is secreted by your nervous system. Well, by undergoing Acupuncture, the response of your body to this stress will be tuned.

The hormones released give you stress will be given a limit, which might be unbelievable, but this is what a traditional therapeutic needle insertion can do. This is a way to relax your body and make you feel more comfortable. I guess, this is far better than simply having a nap or sleep as a form of relieving stress.

Tips To First-Timers

Before going to a practitioner, I suggest you to conduct a research by collecting information, regarding his experience, certification and knowledge when it comes to this field for your safety. Remember that this activity has something to do with a treatment that will be practiced on your body. I supposed, this fact alone, is already a reason to consider, why you should know who will be performing this Chinese tradition because it may not include surgery, but it uses needles that will be inserted at the central points, which may be harmful.

Read this before seeing a practitioner and be prepared to accept any changes in your moods or behavior because new things may happen and experience after every session. Again, you should open the communication with your acupuncturist because he has the right to know what you are feeling during the sessions. Through this way, he can come up with a better approach and assess well your condition, which would be good for your treatment.

Keep in mind that acupuncture is a method that is considered as a complementary form medicine, which is safe to incorporate in your current health condition, even if you are under medication. But always consult an expert before performing this to avoid conflicts. Anyway, this is a safe therapeutic medicine, which do not require surgery, so why not give a try to relieve you from stress and pains?