July 23, 2024

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Neck Pain – Physiotherapy Can Help

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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain affects many people and can be frustrating. Neck pain can impact many areas of life; however, it is often simple to fix in most cases. Neck pain may be acute, which generally means it has been present for less than six weeks. Or it may be a chronic problem, meaning the pain has been a recurring problem for months, or even years.

There are a number of causes of neck pain, which makes it very important to get an accurate diagnosis to ensure that the appropriate treatment is prescribed. Neck pain occurs anywhere between the base of the skull and the upper shoulder region. When the pain is coming from the upper part of the neck, it may spread to the head causing a neck-related headache. Similarly, pain coming from the mid to lower part of the neck can spread to the upper back or the upper arm.

What is Acute Neck Pain?

Generally, acute neck pain is pain that’s been present for less than six weeks. Acute is a time description, covering many types of neck pain that may have started for a number of different reasons. There might have been a specific incident that caused the neck pain, or it could have come on suddenly from a trivial thing such as sleeping awkwardly or a quick turn of the neck.

What is Chronic Neck Pain?

Chronic neck pain is recurring episodes of pain that never really goes away completely. Symptoms can vary and the pain may be felt anywhere between the base of the skull and the upper shoulder area. Like acute neck pain, chronic neck pain can spread to the head or upper back depending on the area affected. There are many causes of chronic neck pain, one common cause is repeated strain from prolonged poor posture. Other causes may include conditions such as arthritis.

What is the Best Therapy for Neck Pain?

The most effective therapy for neck pain depends on the specific reason that’s causing the pain. Perth physiotherapy is often a very effective treatment for many types of neck pain. Physiotherapists are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating neck pain. Physio for neck pain often includes posture correction by strengthening muscles and increasing endurance.

The neck pain may not be solely due to weak muscles, as there are many health conditions that can contribute to the pain. This is where physiotherapists understand the importance of a thorough assessment to ensure the most effective and safest treatment plan for neck pain.

What Simple Exercises Help Neck Pain?

There are a few simple neck stretches you can do to help with neck pain. These stretches can easily be done at home, while sitting in the car or on a bus. When done correctly, they are effective at relieving pain. It’s essential to consult your physiotherapist before carrying out neck exercises. Your physio will determine which exercises are safe for you to perform, and ensure that you are performing them properly before using them on your own.

For more information about neck pain treatments, contact a Perth physiotherapist.