December 1, 2023

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3 Common Causes Of Teenage Depression And Anxiety

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The depression and anxiety is a serious mental problem that causes a feeling of sadness and loss of interest especially in the teenage. It affects the thinking ability, feelings, and behaviors, and even can cause emotional, functional, and physical problems. Though depression and anxiety can occur at any time in life even though the symptoms might vary between teenagers and adults. Depression in teenagers is not a weakness or something which could be overcome with willpower. It can have very serious significances and even requires a long term treatment. Most of the teenagers can get ease from depression symptoms with medication and psychological counseling.

Whereas, many used to have marijuana as self-medication to deal with anxiety because they used to feel calm after having it in such situations. Many suffer through the Marijuana anxiety disorder in its unavailability because it provides a sense of calmness, improves relaxation, helps in phobias management, panic disorders, anxiety and gives better sleep which is necessary for the depression and anxiety sufferers especially.

Here are a few common causes of Teenage Depression and anxiety:

1- Brain Development and Neurotransmitters

In the teenage, the brain is not fully developed until they are in their early- to mid-twenties or even later. They are expected to take the adult responsibilities but because of the undeveloped brain and lack of such skills, they are not much able to do so. They might have many moments in which they are not aware of what they are doing so. Their frustration mixes with a lack of ability when it comes to “adulting” increases teenage anxiety levels. Whereas, neurotransmitters the naturally occurring brain chemicals carry signals to other parts of the body and brain. At times, when these chemicals are abnormal or impaired, the functions of these nerve systems disturb that leads to the depression.

2- Parental Condemnation

At teenagers, it felt awkward by them to take approval from the parents but they also want to do such things that are dissident against parental authority and society. This is annoying for both the parents and teens. When they pass through the parent’s condemnation they feel anxious and stressed. Besides, they start doing such actions which are not in the favor of their parents, that what they have told them to do. It is such a difficult and stressful situation for all those who are involved in it.

3- Early childhood trauma

The traumatic events during early childhood, like the physical or emotional abuse, or loss of a parent, parent’s separations, and any severe haphazard accident may cause changes in the brain that make a person more vulnerable to depression. The cases, in which they feel helpless, rather than feeling capable of finding solutions to the problems for life’s challenges cause them depressed.


There could be many other reasons for anxiety and depression in teenagers as well. It’s necessary for you to work with your teenager to help them in passing through the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It can help them a lot in managing and minimizing the teenage anxiety and depression and can set the stage for a lifetime of good mental health.