November 29, 2023

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Ovulation Sticks 101

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Ovulation tests

Trying to have a baby? Then counting days for ovulation and getting to work right between the 12 to 24-hour gap when the ovulation takes place are the things that one would be familiar with. Ovulation is something that occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle and having Ovulation tests handy can help one understand their system better and to know exactly when they will be at their peak for quicker fertilisation of the ovum.

What is Ovulation:

Ovulation occurs each month, what happens here is that a mature egg will be released from one of the ovaries, and this egg will be available for fertilisation. This tiny window is when reproduction will be the most efficient. So when trying to have a baby, it is suggested that people indulge in baby-making activities at the time of their ovulation. To facilitate this, they can buy ovulation tests. Now the next question is what do these Ovulation tests do. It is usually a strip or a stick which is utilised to analyse urine. It looks for Luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine, a rise in the LH level is usually noticed when the ovum is being released in the body. When the LH levels reach a certain extent, it is safe to assume that the person will be ovulating for the next 12- 36 hours. Just pee on the ovulation stick, and an indicator line will appear that marks the onset of ovulation.

Here Are Some Pointers to Remember While Using an Ovulation Strip:

It would be better if your urine is concentrated to get a good result, hence try not to pee at least for an hour before you use the stick, also remember not to drink too much water before the test. Next, follow the directions given on the box carefully as the more carefully you follow the instructions the more better results you receive.

One important factor of notice is most women show a surge in their LH levels in the morning times and these levels can be picked up until four hours later. So, it is suggested that you do the testing twice a day, one between 11 am to 3 pm and another between 5pm and 10 pm. That is, the best time to do the testing is between 12pm to 8 pm in general. Try to stick to these timings on any day you choose to test. It is suggested that once the ovulation begins, you can indulge in intercourse upto 2-3 days  as the levels remain elevated for a solid 36 hours.

These tests are accurate for around 97% of the time. But, if you are someone who suffers from irregular periods or if they have PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome), which is a hormonal imbalance that can affect ovulation and finally, when you are under certain medications, that can cause changes to the system too, so, under these circumstances the tests might not work to its complete potential.

Ovulation strips are simple, easy and accurate tools that help to maximise your ability for conception and this development from modern science should be embraced with both arms and utilized the best we can. If you wanna be baby mammas and baby daddas, it’s time to get your ovulation sticks and get to work.