November 29, 2023

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The Era of Essential Oils

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The Era of Essential Oils

The era of essential oils have been taking us by our lapels, they are intense and effective and are exactly what we are looking for. Essential oils are concentrated extracts of powerful and potent natural ingredients that will have life affirming results. We are learning more and more about these oils every day as their reach has slowly started to widen and reach the ears of everyone. Once you are acquainted with them and you start using them, you are gonna be indulged in a forever chant of love thy oils.


The skincare industry, aromatherapy, bath products and many more industries are venturing into this aromatic and alluring essential oils craze. They have done their research and have given us various natural oils that act for any concern we might name. Here are a few examples, you have tea tree oil that helps boost immunity, lavender to reduce stress and soothe your nerves, chamomile to relax and better sleep, sandalwood to help focus and more. These oils have a peculiar and interesting scent of their own which has medicinal properties that help calm your nerves. If you think about it, these are like magic potions that come in tiny bottles to help us improve our mood and general merriment. I am completely in for our love thy oils slogan for the enormous benefits these essential oils exhibit on our body and soul.


Many studies and recent statistics blatantly show the fact that most of the current population are dealing with mental health conditions yet there is still a proper lack of recognition and dignity for the same. You would have a thousand things to say to a diabetic but your instincts say to run when you meet someone with depression. When you have a mental health issue, it is upto you to take the best decisions for your well being and essential oils can be a tiny help here, their aroma and goodness have shown to reduce your anxiousness and elevate your mood, even if there isn’t a huge tangible difference you would still feel the peace these could bring your way.

Essential oils help with reducing stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines, sleep, insomnia etc, most of us have one or more of these symptoms so what are we waiting for, shouldn’t we all be stocking up on our favourite essential oils already. Other than this, they also help with reducing inflammation in the body and have specific antibiotic and antimicrobial effects.

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Now, when it comes to essential oils, look into these few criterias before investing on them, first and foremost choose a reputed and trusted brand because it might be easy to adulter these products, watch out for the purity of the oils, cold pressed oils provide the best results in most cases as they are concentrated and pure extracts from the source, there is also the question of if it will work best on you, there are instances where you might develop rashes or redness for a few oils, so it is always best to ensure that you do a patch test and see how your body is accepting them and then invest in the product. I think these are essential to elevate our well being and it’s about time we give our attention to improve our physical and mental health.