July 23, 2024

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Keratolytics (Callus, Corn, and Removers) Wart Remover Gel

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Keratolytics (Callus, Corn, and Removers) Wart Remover Gel

In this medication, warts of the skin and feet (plantar) are treated. The wart peels off gradually thanks to salicylic acid. As well as removing calluses and corns, this medication also works by reducing swelling. Warts with hair growing from them, genital/anal warts, or moles on the face should not be treated with this product. The keratolytic action of salicylic acid. Drugs in this class are similar to aspirin (salicylates). This product increases skin moisture and dissolves the substance causing the skin to stick together. Cells shed more easily this way. There is a virus that causes warts. The virus is not affected by salicylic acid.

Here Is How To Use Keratolytics Gel (Callus, Corn And Removers) To Remove Warts

All product directions must be followed. Your pharmacist or doctor can answer any questions you may have.

The medication should only be applied topically. If possible, avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, groin, or broken skin with this medication to avoid irritation. You should flush these irritated areas for 15 minutes if you get the medication there. Hands should be washed after use.

Warm water should be applied to soften corns, calluses, or warts for 5 minutes. Thoroughly dry. Before you apply the medication, your doctor may suggest you gently remove the top dead layers of skin after soaking with a pumice stone or callus file. In order for the medication to work better, dead skin is removed. Wart Removal Derby and calluses should not be rubbed off.

The liquid/gel should be applied to cover the entire wart, corn, and callus, in the same manner as the application device if it is provided. Don’t apply it to the surrounding skin, but only to the affected area. After 5 minutes, let the paper dry. It is possible that you will need to apply the medication twice according to the brand used. You should follow the directions carefully on the product package. You may apply a bandage loosely to the area. You should repeat this procedure once or twice a day for 2 weeks for corns and calluses, and for 12 weeks for warts or as instructed by your doctor.


In order to protect surrounding skin from contamination, use medicated pads or bandages if needed. Cut the pad to cover the entire treatment area without touching the surrounding skin. Put the bandage/patch over the wound and peel back the protective covering. As directed on the package, leave in place. Patches/bandages should be changed every 8 to 48 hours (depending on brand). For corn and calluses, repeat the procedure for 2 weeks; for warts, it can last 12 weeks.

Each person’s dosage is determined by their medical condition, the brand and type of product, and the response to treatment. Use this medication in the recommended amount and frequency as well as for the duration recommended. While your condition will not improve faster, you may experience more side effects.

Regularly taking this medication will provide you with the most benefit. You should use it every day at the same time to help you rememberYou should seek immediate medical attention if you think your condition may be severe or persists.

You should seek immediate medical attention if you think your condition may be severe or persistent.