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Dental Surgical Burs

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Dental Surgical Burs

Dentists employ a wide variety of tools at their disposal while performing their treatments on patients. Undoubtedly, the dental bur is one of the most universally used and useful of these tools. Many different types have been developed to perform different tasks. Some of them have also been developed to suit surgical treatments. The following article will elaborate on the different properties and uses of surgical burs.

Types and Uses of Surgical Burs

Many different types of burs exist in the dental industry. These are usually divided into categories that dictate their use and role in different operations. These categories are whether the bur is low – speed or high – speed, the material composition of the bur, and the shake of the bur itself. A different combination of all these determines the different roles the bur has.

The most common types of burs used in surgical procedures include carbide burs and diamond burs. These are not only very strong materials that allow for powerful cutting, but they can also be produced in fine enough resolutions and grit to be used for precision cutting. These qualities make them perfect for use during delicate dental surgeries and operations.

Advantages of Surgical Burs

Dental surgical burs are specially designed to be able to achieve high precision and cutting efficiency. Most burs are designed for more rudimentary actions such as caries removal for example. Occasionally, delicate procedures are required to be performed as part of oral operations. In these circumstances, regular burs are ineffective and can even cause damage.

For this reason, surgical dental burs were developed. These have been made of the most suitable materials for precise cutting and structurally adapted for it. They were tested on bone and other tough materials to inspect their performance and see if the desired results were achieved. Therefore, they are most suitable for the performance of these operations.

Importance of Hygiene

When it comes to surgical procedures and general treatment of the mouth, hygiene should be a priority for any dentist. This is especially relevant when it comes to operations involving dental burs. Since these are high – speed rotary machines they have the potential to become invasive. As a result, bacteria can easily penetrate the surface and cause serious infections.

Whether the dental bur in use is surgical one of not, proper hygiene should be always maintained during its use. This includes proper sterilization of the equipment surrounding the bur as well as the bur itself. Autoclaving is the most common method for sterilizing dental equipment, and burs can be autoclaved in the same method just as well as any tool.

Should Dental Surgical Burs be Reused?

Whether a surgical dental bur should be reused highly depends on its original design. The packaging should dictate if this particular type of bur is reusable or not. The instructions should be followed accordingly to minimize any risk of infection to the patient. These are especially relevant in the case of surgical dental burs since they include invasive procedures.

Some surgical burs can be reused for several operations. These burs can be easily disinfected and sterilized to be clean enough for additional uses. Autoclaving is usually the recommended method for performing this sort of sterilization, however preliminary research should be conducted to ascertain this. No chances should be taken when it comes to hygiene.

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Changing Frequency of Surgical Diamond Burs

Diamond burs are a common type of burs used in surgical operations by dentists. Diamond’s resilience makes it a suitable material to be used as a surgical bur, but also grants it durability for long – time use. However, even materials as strong as diamonds eventually tend to erode, leaving the dentists with an ineffective bur. Studies were conducted to test this durability.

The results of one study published on PubMed showed that diamond burs do show wear after multiple uses. The changing frequency suggested by the study concluded that diamond burs should be replaced after around 5 teeth preparations. It also stated that diamond burs should not be used for teeth preparations after try – in procedures of metal or zirconia substructures.

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As mentioned, dental burs are a crucial tool used by virtually all serious dentists around the globe. When it comes to surgical burs, one must make sure to choose the proper equipment that is certified to be used for surgeries. That’s why one must be in touch with an expert supplier that could provide the proper burs.

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