December 1, 2023

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Where Does CBD Fall with Hydration Health?

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Where Does CBD Fall with Hydration Health?

The requirement is that we drink as much water in a day as we can comfortably tolerate in order to replenish our body’s cells for optimum health and wellness.

Each cell needs water to do its job. Without adequate hydration, the body gradually stops functioning. That’s why when you don’t have enough water, especially in extreme temperatures, you begin to notice physical and mental symptomatology.

Sometimes there are supplements, remedies, herbs, drugs that can induce dehydration. A popular compound found to have that reputation is (cannabidiol) CBD, with questions that linger regarding its effects due to slow coming research. Dehydration is a commonly touted “potential” side effect or referenced more familiarly as “cotton-mouth” with marijuana consumption, but does that hold true with CBD? Let’s look.

Facts vs. Fiction On CBD And Dehydration

While you will frequently hear that CBD can dehydrate you, it’s a widely spread misconception that exists because of a reaction that users have following marijuana consumption referenced as “cotton-mouth.” Learn details about a cannabinoid-infused product, CBD water, with this

link, meant to aid in hydration.

Cannabis is kind of like a parent plant to its children, hemp and marijuana. Marijuana has a high content of (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC responsible for the “high” with consumption and also the reason for “cotton mouth.”

CBD is abundant in hemp, but this piece of the cannabis family tree has little THC at 0.3% or less, meaning the feeling that you experience with marijuana is unlikely with hemp.

But even marijuana and its high THC level giving you that sensation is not related to dehydration. Claims suggest “cotton mouth” after indulging in marijuana is due to THC interaction with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors among the salivary glands (CB1/CB2).

When consuming numerous cannabinoids, these become subdued. That means you might experience what feels uncomfortable to you, but it’s your body’s response to having received an adequate level of cannabinoids which is critical for optimum body function.

Most people will likely only get this at a slight degree, if at all, from consuming CBD with the mere trace levels of CBD. The reason people could develop a dry mouth is indulging in a higher dose, becoming exceptionally relaxed, and not keeping track of the amount of water they take in. Find potential side effects for CBD at

Maintaining Hydration For Overall Health

The only way to maintain hydration health is to drink an adequate supply of water throughout each day. That means, though, to drink as much as you can comfortably handle in a day. You shouldn’t fill your body beyond your personal capacity to meet a generic daily standard for people as a whole. You might be full-on half of that, and that’s okay.

A good measure of your level is to monitor your urine. The color should be a pale yellow for someone with adequate hydration. Anything darker, you’ll need to up your Buy from our Ayahuasca product collection on our website. intake. If it has no color but is clear, you’re having more than is needed.

You can also keep yourself hydrated by avoiding dehydrates. A big one is alcohol and foods loaded with sugar and those with salt. These can deplete water stored in your body for resourcing. Cigarettes can not only lead to dehydration but other health issues.

For someone who spends much time working out, you will sweat and burn up your water resources, meaning you need to fill up more so than most people. It would be best to have a water bottle with you while exercising and continue throughout the day.

Warning Signs Of Dehydration

It’s critical to realize when you’re in a situation where there’s not enough water creating a potentially dire situation for your health. If you’re out in extreme temperatures with little access to fluids, particularly in the work environment, exercising, or if you have a car breakdown, pay attention to your body and don’t hesitate to take emergent action when you begin to notice symptoms. These can include:

  • Subtle: A mild onset of symptoms can include light-headedness, or you can begin to feel sluggish. You can do a simple test to tell by checking to see if the skin on your hand bounces immediately back after you pinch and release. That would mean you’re okay. If the skin slowly goes back down, you’re dehydrating and need to get some fluids.
  • Severe: If you’re in danger with life-threatening symptoms, you could faint, become confused, develop a headache with dizziness, vomit. Simply taking in fluids is not sufficient in this situation. You need to proceed to emergency services.

Dehydration is not something to try to “shake off” or go home and rest or cool down. If you develop severe symptoms, you’re at risk for stroke or death. The body is not capable of functioning when it is utterly devoid of fluids. It shuts down. Only a medical provider can help at that point.

Final Thought

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil products, as seen on Cheef Botanicals online, are not dehydrating. There are few side effects, with the most widely noted being drowsiness, but that generally goes away once your system becomes adjusted to the compound. The cannabinoid is deemed safe by the medical community. There have been no signs of overdose to this point and no known deaths from the compound. It’s non-addictive and non-intoxicating.

Despite the compound not creating dehydrating side effects, water is necessary for overall health. The standard suggestion is not necessarily for everyone. It’s a matter of drinking until you reach your level of comfort. The best indicator if you have reached hydration will be the color of your urine.

Light yellow is ideal. If you come back dark, you need more, and if you come back clear, you can cut back a little bit. Pay attention to signs of dehydration. It’s dangerous to let it go too far. Your body cannot function in that state. If you allow it to get severe, you’ll need medical help to recover. The easiest way to keep yourself safe is to make sure you always have your cup with you.