April 13, 2024

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What to Do with a Knocked-Out Tooth?

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Out Tooth

Out Tooth

In some cases, when a permanent tooth is knocked out, the emergency dentist can reinsert it into its socket. Time is an essential matter when you face a knocked-out tooth. You may only have 30 to 60 minutes if you want to save your tooth’s life. There are some points that you should consider before visiting an emergency dentist. We asked dental specialists in an emergency dental clinic in Toronto about the most important considerations for a knocked-out tooth and provided this article as a result:

Dental accidents usually occur due to the following reasons:

1- Injuries caused by falling

2- Car accidents

3- Sports injuries

4- Conflict and fights

5- Using tooth as a tool

6- Chewing on hard foods

Out Tooth

First Aids

Take the broken or extracted tooth to the emergency dentist immediately within a maximum of 30 minutes. By passing the time, the chances of success in re-implanting a tooth are reduced. Try not to touch the root of the extracted tooth and just hold the crown in your hand to move it. Your primary goal after an adult tooth comes out is to keep it alive. This involves keeping the root of the tooth moist and safe. The root is the component that provides blood and nutrients to the tooth, so it must be preserved.”

So, choose one of the following ways to take the extracted tooth to the emergency dental clinic:

1- Try to put the tooth in the mouth and in its socket. It should be in line with other teeth. To keep the extracted tooth fixed, bite on a clean gauze or wet tea bag gently. Be careful not to swallow your teeth.

2- If method number 1 is not possible, put the tooth in a clean container of some milk or saliva.

3- Place the tooth between the lower lip and the lower gum or under the tongue.

4- In some first aid kits, there is a device for storing and carrying teeth and its special solution, which you can also use to transfer teeth.

Out Tooth

Other Actions

1- Use a cold compress to relieve pain in the mouth and gums.

2 – To control bleeding, keep bite on a clean gauze.

Refer to the emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

In some cases, a broken tooth can lead to exposed nerves. In this case, you require immediate medical attention to prevent infection and pain.

In some cases, only a small part of the tooth is broken, and the tooth is chipped, which does not require emergency action but to prevent damaging the lips or tongue, visit the emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Tip: If you cannot get your upper and lower teeth close together, you will probably have a broken jawbone. In this case, a quick referral to the emergency dental office is required.

Things to Do

1- Never touch the root of the extracted tooth and hold the tooth from its crown.

2- Never clean and rinse the root of the extracted tooth.

3- Never clean the extracted tooth with a toothbrush or alcohol.

4- Do not store your tooth in a glass of water. Water isn’t a good medium for storing your tooth as the cell roots swell up and burst when kept in water for prolonged periods.

Prevention of Knocked-Out Tooth

  • Use a mouth guard when exercising.
  • 2- Avoid fights and physical clashes.
  • 3 – Do not use your teeth to break hard foods such as nuts or ice.
  • 4 – When riding in the car, be sure to fasten your seat belt.