July 24, 2024

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The Importance Of Mental Health Support For The Mentally Ill

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The Importance Of Mental Health Support For The Mentally Ill

Sadly, around 20% of Australians between the ages of 16 and 85 experience some sort of mental health problem across the average year. No matter how you think of it, this is extremely high. In a class of 30 university students, this equates to six people struggling with a mental health problem. In a workplace of 200, this could mean up to 40 people struggling.

Shockingly, the percentage of people who will experience mental health concerns in their life is now just above 45%. With this in mind, it really shows the importance of mental health support.

Why Is Support Important?

Below, you’ll find several reasons as to why support is critical for the mentally ill.

They Don’t Feel Alone – Firstly, one problem for many people with a mental illness is that they feel alone. After seeing these worrying statistics, nobody with a problem should ever feel alone. With the right support, it helps people to understand that this isn’t a one-person battle. Not only do others suffer from similar issues, but also those around them understand what they’re experiencing.

In truth, the word ’support’ can mean different things. In some cases, it means meeting up with others as part of a support group to feel a sense of togetherness with others. In other cases, it might mean psychological support from a fantastic service like Peaceful Mind Psychology.

They Get Help with Decisions – Sometimes, the mentally ill struggle with important decisions, but this becomes easier with support. Once the individual knows they aren’t alone, they can make stronger decisions for their present and their future.

They Build Better Relationships – With psychological support, there’s often an emphasis on improving one’s well being and allowing people to find peace with themselves and others in their lives. On the one hand, they feel happy in themselves and are comfortable spending time alone. On the other, they find peace with loved ones and potentially prevent damaging connections with friends and family members.

They Work Towards a Healthier Future – Finally, support is also essential for the mentally ill because it allows them to enjoy a healthier future. According to the Black Dog Institute, 12 people will attempt to take their lives today, and half of them will succeed. Hopefully, support can help to reduce this number and save somebody you love. Again, this can mean psychological support, familial support, and other forms of the word.

How Can You Support A Loved One?

Unfortunately, one of the problems with mental health issues is that they’re sometimes hidden by the sufferer. Often, somebody with depression can hide their symptoms. Therefore, it falls to those who spend the most time with them. Do they lack confidence? Lose interest in previous hobbies? Get tired quickly and easily? Have mood fluctuations? Lose their appetite? Get irritable, tearful, or nervous?

For anxiety, the symptoms are as follows:

  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Tense and pale appearance
  • Nervousness
  • Playing with hands excessively

Firstly, the best thing you can do is research mental health problems and recognise the symptoms quickly. From here, talk openly with your loved one and ensure that they feel your support. Depending on their state, you can broach the topic of therapy with them. For example, explain the benefits of psychological support and attend sessions if this is what they need to get started.

This year, support for the mentally ill is just as important as ever. If we’re to reduce the saddening statistics in Australia, we need to get support to those who need it most.