December 1, 2023

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Some Exercises to Relieve Stress

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We all go through tense times in our daily routines we go through so much makes it so hard for us to stay focused and confined at the same time that we are not able to be in the best position potentially. Stress has done so much damage to every person that it can affect anyone mentally and physically at the same time. Mostly when people go through such situations their shoulders are tensed up and the whole body starts stiffening up. To understand how we can relieve stress through exercise, we need to understand what slows it down. To explain this phenomenon Alexander Pope says, “Strength of mind is exercise, not rest.” Yes, the cure to mental stress is within being proactive and exercise. The more you use it the more you’re relieved from it. The opposite works for the physical body. The workout can make the most of it when we are ready to invest in an exercise that will unleash the power that will bring down the stress levels.

Let’s list down a few easy exercises that will reduce the stress levels to a bare minimum.


The first exercise on our list is yoga. The reason why we choose yoga over any other exercise is that it is a combination of mental and physical exercise that uses both strengths at the same time. Yoga helps in staying focused and clearing the thought processes. The main thing behind that is to let the mind have more focus and also to build control over the physical body and thought process. The postures can be improved and it can make the natural process of the body much easier which is an additional factor. Here are a few poses that make yoga a better experience for the people who want to relieve stress through it.

  • Uttanasana which means standing forward with shoulders.
  • Prasarita Podattanasana is the pose with a wide legging stand while bending forward.
  • Sukhasana is the normal easy with forwarding bending.
  • Sarvangasana or the rabbit pose
  • Halasana or Plow Pose



It can’t get simpler and easier than just going walking. Walking is an easier exercise that can help to exert and relieve stress at the best possible time and cost. The right type of walking includes the movement of arms, legs, and breathing. Breathing cannot be neglected when we are doing exercise to get rid of stress. Many types of research have proven that the people who walk regularly have lower stress levels that have impacted them at every level.  The best practice of walking in a routine is recommended twice a day that has changed the whole course of their mental and physical health. The best practice is to go out early before the sunrise in the workout clothes for walking.



The best and the most effective and the most lenient way of working out cannot get exciting. We know many of us experienced the “Yayy!” moment while reading the dancing as a part of the list. No doubt that dancing isn’t just about expressing moving with the beat of the music. It is one of the best ways to let go of all the stress and issues that have taken over our body mind and soul. Dancing has provided us a variety of ways that can help us in relieving stress. Some of the dance forms are contemporary, salsa, freestyle, classic, street style, hip hop, and many more. Make sure to be in exercise-friendly clothes such as tank tops for better learning. The best results can be seen within a week if you’re doing it for at least 30 minutes daily.


Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi and Qigong are almost similar exercises that are included in the category of martial arts. These two Chinese exercises are both meditation exercises that can be described as the best meditation in motion exercises which include movement in the joints. The main link to be in the form of breathing which acts as the instant source of stress relief.

Qigong is a very similar exercise to Tai Chi. It also includes slow movement that will lead to meditation and mentally focusing on the body and mind to control thinking. Both exercises can have a better impact if they are done twice a day for a minimum of 20 minutes daily.

Other major activities include physical exertion and they can make a major difference in the wellbeing of a person. Such activities include gardening, washing clothes with hands, drawing, listening to music, sports, or even going for short vacations as well.