April 13, 2024

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How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Thoughts: 6 Effective Ways

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How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Thoughts: 6 Effective Ways

Every mentally healthy person, at least once in his life, has obsessive thoughts. They come into our heads by themselves and against our will. It is almost impossible to just take them and get rid of them. These annoying thoughts do not allow us to distract ourselves from them and switch to something else.

Obsessive thoughts settle in a person’s head for a long time and make him nervous, mentally return to the same question countless times, constantly think about how it can be solved. They spoil the mood, worsen the quality of life, and make a person feel irritated, apathetic, and impotent anger.

How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Thoughts? 

Today we will consider the most popular techniques, practices, and attitudes, thanks to which you can drive annoying thoughts out of your head.

1- Write Down Your Thoughts

Our subconscious is designed in such a way that, by drawing in our imagination terrible pictures of what can happen to us, it is only trying to protect us. If we see and experience in our imaginations the dire consequences that may await us in the future, we will be able to react more quickly at a critical moment. And significantly increase our chances of survival.

But not all of our fantasies come true. Are you afraid of becoming a victim of a fire, and your every morning begins with the thought of how you will get out of the burning building? But after all, no one gave you any guarantees that you would ever really find yourself in such a situation.

Try to turn off all emotions and look at the problem objectively! Take a sheet of paper and write on it a more joyful and positive scenario for the development of the situation. Think through the positive scenario down to the smallest detail. This activity will help you look at the situation that is troubling you more soberly.

2- Practice Meditation

Meditation will not only help get rid of negative and obsessive thoughts but will also contribute to your self-improvement and personal growth. For those who are going towards addiction due to constant negative thoughts, meditation is a solution for you. Even in special alcohol treatments, they guide the patients to meditate.

Meditative practices help to relieve nervous tension, which very often becomes the cause of obsessive thoughts. The more calmly a person reacts to a particular life situation, the less he exposes himself to stress and addictions. With the help of meditation, you will never become a victim of intrusive thoughts.

3- Realize That Obsessive Are Absurd 

Obsessive thoughts are absurd thoughts that will not do you any good. You need to fully understand this fact. How to do it? To work on getting rid of annoying thoughts, you should choose a moment in time when you are in a great mood. You must have a lot of strength and energy in stock. Otherwise, nothing will work out. Some people feel this way after exercise, others after meditation, others after a good night’s rest, etc.

First, convince yourself and your subconscious mind that there is no point in going through the same thoughts for the thousandth time. This will not help solve the problem that bothers you. The main purpose of obsessive thoughts is to deceive you and make you suffer.

How To Get Rid Of Obsessive Thoughts: 6 Effective Ways

Give yourself a clear direction not to get carried away with this kind of thinking. As soon as you decide this, immediately promise yourself that you will not break this communication in any way! Although the obsessive thoughts will come back to you again and again after that, you should not despair and pay any attention to them.

4- Take Everything Easy And Simple 

If you are indifferent to obsessive thoughts, they will lose their emotional content and will not be able to hurt you. Once you learn to turn off emotions and turn on indifference, you will notice that your life is changing for the better. And intrusive thoughts no longer have any influence on you.

Indifference will help you understand that everything in this world needs to be treated lightly, simply, and with humor. Are there some thoughts in your head? It’s okay, as they come and go.

In the meantime, while the thoughts in your head are trying to start a real war, be distracted by something else and do not blame yourself.

You are an ordinary person who, like all people, sometimes makes mistakes. The whole beauty of life lies in the fact that we do not know what will happen to us next. You just need to live and enjoy every moment of life

5- Act, Don’t Think 

Do obsessive thoughts haunt you? Do not think, but act! As soon as some annoying thought starts to bother you, turn on your favorite music and start cleaning the house. Don’t want to clean up? Then go for a walk with your dog.

See how your pet is happy and cheerful. He doesn’t worry about anything, he just enjoys life. Why can’t you relax and realize that a lot depends on a person? Offer your help to those who are having a hard time. No time for this? If you have time to think over obsessive thoughts, then there will be time to help disadvantaged people and animals.

6- Think Back To Your Childhood Fears 

Every person was afraid of something in childhood. Some children were frightened with gypsies, others with bedside monsters. Although in childhood, it all looked terrifying, an adult understands perfectly well that these are just stupid horror stories that are not capable of causing him any harm.

Obsessive thoughts are just like those childhood horror imaginations which will not cause you any harm. It will help you get over them.

Summing Up

Don’t waste time with meaningless experiences and obsessive thoughts. Remember life is short, live it beautifully, and enjoy every moment. These negative thoughts are not doing any harm to anybody, other than you. Practice these techniques and get better.