December 4, 2023

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Situations That Require a Tooth Extraction

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Having a tooth pulled doesn’t exactly sound like a day at the park, but there are several occasions when it’s the best decision. A dental extraction is nothing to fear as you’ll be completely numb and won’t feel anything except some pressure. Here are four instances when an extraction is your best course of action.

Severe Damage

If one of your teeth has been severely damaged, or shattered as a result of a sports injury or car accident, the tooth may be too far gone to save. This requires a visit to specialists in emergency dentistry Windsor Terrace where the situation will be assessed. If the tooth is in pieces, or cracked beyond repair, an extraction will be needed. After it’s removed, your dentist will place gauze in your mouth to stop the bleeding and you’ll be instructed on how to care for the site.

Impacted Teeth

Sometimes teeth can become impacted and this happens frequently with wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth are stuck inside the gum with no room to erupt through as they should. Impacted teeth can be crooked or almost on their side. They’re also painful, and if there’s no chance of them growing properly, an extraction will be performed. In the case of wisdom teeth, sometimes all of them are removed at once and other times as needed.

Crowded Teeth

Similar to the problems impacted teeth can cause, but occurring above the gums, is the dilemma of crowded teeth. When teeth are crammed together, there’s no room for them to grow straight and they develop at an angle. This can cause pain, too, so room must be made. Extraction of one or more teeth will allow the remaining ones to grow as they should and allow for a much nicer smile.


Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is caused by an abundance of bacterial growth in the mouth. This will first become gingivitis, which is treatable, but if it turns into periodontitis, bone damage could occur. This causes teeth to become loose in their sockets and will require extraction.

When It’s the Best Option

No one wants to have a tooth extraction, but many times it’s the best option to save other teeth, or heal after an injury. Luckily this procedure is quick, painless and you’ll be on your way to healing in no time. Be sure to always consult with your dentist at the first sign of dental pain or other symptoms.