November 29, 2023

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How And When To Wear A Straw Fedora Hat?

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How And When To Wear A Straw Fedora Hat?

The straw fedora hat is both stylish and functional. It is one of the best accessories to use to keep your eyes protected from the sun. It can also complement the attire and also cover a bad hair day. And today, it is worn by several style-conscious men as well.

Several people want to know what a straw fedora hat is! The straw fedora hat mens has a tear-drop shape, a medium to the short brim, and a low sitting crown. It generally curves upwards in the edges and moves all through the crown. These hats also come with a hatband around its crown bottom, usually made of leather or grosgrain ribbon based on the hat style.

The straw fedora hat is a classic and timeless hat for men. And when you wear it correctly, it adds to your style statement. You can get inspired by the classic looks that you can style in several ways. And the accessory which will be a stylish addition to your entire look is a straw fedora.

How Can You Style Your Fedora Hat?

Often men hear so much about straw fedora hats that they get baffled about how to wear them. If you resonate with this, this article will help you. The first trick is to keep it simple! It would help if you always paired your fedora with a tee or classic attire. It is one of the best options for your summer wear. And the straw fedora is highly functional with such a style as it will save your face and shoulders from the sun and allow you to sport a cool look.

The next thing to consider is to choose the right hat that will complement the size and shape of your face. It’s because your face shape decides the hat style that suits you. For example, if you have a square face shape, you will look better in a round crown and wider brim. On the other hand, if you have an oval face shape, you should choose a boxy hat and has a medium brim size.

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When To Wear The Straw Fedora Hat?

At times, men are perplexed about places they can wear their fedoras! Here are a few situations that will provide you some clarity.

  • When You Decide To Read A Book On The Beach

It doesn’t matter if it’s the poolside or the ocean when you have your best book with the best hat; it completes you. You can spend quality time by reading the New York Bestseller without worrying about the sun’s rays.

  • Visit The Country Club.

Do you have a local country club membership? And several hours of harsh sunlight on the tennis or golf court can prove harmful to the skin. Using sunscreen isn’t enough. It is essential to have your straw fedora hat so that you can play for hours and not get affected by the sun.

  • Going For Fishing

When it’s summer, most men want to go to the cabin, take a boat out and make the most of the climate. The big fishers love to spend their time on the boat and enjoy fishing. However, when you wear your hat, it protects your head and face from the harsh UV rays to avoid headaches during your activity.

  • Run Errands Around Town

Men on their day off want to pass their time by buying a few groceries, pick their kids from school, stop by the bank and conduct various other errands they have at hand. If you want to do the same, you can go ahead equipped with your hat to stay away from the sun.

  • Pair It With The Best Attire

Do you want to make an underrated attire shine? If yes, you need to add a well-styled hat to it. The straw fedora does complete justice here. If you are about to go for any event or perhaps the Kentucky Derby party, count on this hat to look stylish and sober.

  • Taking Your Dog Out For A Walk

Your furry companions need their share of physical activity. And when you decide to take your dog out for a walk, you need to get prepared to spend time under the sun. The harsh sun’s rays might give you a sunburn burn or make you feel uncomfortable. However, when you wear your straw fedora hat, you can keep the sun away.

  • Enjoy Outdoor Activities

If you are an adventure lover and want to explore nature and camp in the woods, you need to know the elements. Mainly, it would help if you kept your head covered with a straw fedora hat.

Hence, irrespective of the style and the activity you choose, make sure that you have your straw fedora hat. It’s both fashionable and functional.