May 30, 2024

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Fitness Studios In Neutral Bay

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Fitness Studios In Neutral Bay

If you’re new to town or looking to shake up your routine with a new gym membership here’s your low-down on the top 6 fitness studios in Neutral Bay. From yoga to boxing, and HIIT, Neutral Bay is positively popping with options. So choosing somewhere that is both convenient, and within budget will demand some thought. Here are some top hits:

Anytime Fitness

For ease of access – well it’s all in the name. Training anytime of the day or night has its perks, especially if you’re on a busy work schedule. With a broad range of equipment, plenty of group training sessions, personal training, specialised sessions, you name it. Anytime has brought a simple no-fuss solution to the northern shores. Depending on what offer might be available, there’s a joining fee and downpayment on the gym card. After these initial hurdles, monthly costs are relatively low.


Neutral bay’s boxing heaven. This is for serious boxing classes, combat disciplines, strength, and conditioning. With highly trained boxing mentors this is for anyone who’s wanting to up their sparring skills and work towards your personal best. Opening hours may be cumbersome for those wanting weekend action, but Monday through Friday is fairly consistent. With several trial classes, casual classes, and group packages, there’s quite a lot of wiggle room for those wanting to personalise the experience. With a strong focus on boxing, those wanting to tone up or keep it strictly cardio, this place isn’t for you.

Zadi Training

Girls listen up! This is your exclusive strength training, HIIT intensive club-style workout joint. Offering a range of high-quality innovative gym equipment ZADI has a colourful and vibrant space to keep your motivation high. It’s a bit on the pricey side with a 14-day free trial ending in just under $20/week membership fee, and other intensive training options push $69/week for unlimited classes. Strategically located near but not too close Military Road, there’s a smattering of on-street parking options available. For a specialty boutique gym, this looks like the perfect balance of fun and intensive.

Revl Fitness

Going boutique has its perks, and REVL Training Neutral Bay has re-designed the way fitness is done on the lower north shore. With a firm focus on all things strength, endurance, conditioning, and mobility, there’s support every step of the way with highly qualified fitness specialists on call. With three-pillar programs up for grabs, the Strong, Lean, and Sweat sessions run both concurrently and throughout the week. It’s a phased approach that combines a diverse range of methodologies. The costs are a $15 joining fee and a $74.95/week charge for unlimited sessions and the flexibility to cancel 2 weeks in advance.

Power Living

Yogis, this is a great option if you’re looking for a wide range of yoga classes both in-person and online. $99 will give you unlimited access for 1 month to all of Power Living’s yoga classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This is a great way to immerse yourself from the get-go. From there you’ve got a few fortnightly payment options and monthly/yearly payment options too. With excellent facilities, spacious bathrooms, and showers, Power Living is versatile and affordable. With peak times causing a rush on parking, make sure to get in early or suffer the consequences.

Pilates 360

Founded in 2015, the lower north shore has been benefiting from a holistic approach to Pilates and with excellent instructors, prime equipment, and a generous starter package including 1 private class and 3 group classes for only $99, that’s pretty good business. Conveniently located near public transport and with plenty of parking options, this is a great studio for a range of Pilates classes. Choose from a range of reformer classes to matt workouts and Barre, it’s almost too much to choose from.

Tips On Making Your Choice

When it comes to getting your fitness routine up and running, or if you’ve relocated, you’ll want to make sure your new routine is easily manageable.

  • This includes getting there and back, if you’re having to catch more than one bus or if parking is just not an option, then you’ll probably find it more difficult to go on a slow day. Choosing somewhere that’s both close by and easily accessible is crucial.
  • Next is the price. If you’re fishing around for the right combination of classes and need time to decide, don’t lock yourself into anything long term. Choose your trial classes strategically and don’t cram them into a few days or you could be exhausted by the end of the week.
  • Have your end goal in mind. Don’t go for a program that you think is too easy. Don’t let fitness become a box-ticking exercise. You want to be able to see real results, so choose a gym where you can see yourself achieving them.