July 24, 2024

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Facts That You Need To Know About So Rare

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Facts That You Need To Know About So Rare

If you aren’t aware about So rare, then you must know everything about this captivating game. It is a worldwide famous fantasy game of football. Yes, you read that right. The most intriguing fact about this game is that it is an amalgam of crypto and NFTs. So, there’s a lot to explore and learn from this incredible platform. Without any further due, let’s discuss the facts that you need to know about So rare.

It’s Not an Old Platform

If you haven’t heard about this amazing platform yet, then it’s completely fine because it was launched in the end of year 2018 which indicates that people are still getting familiar with it with time but it’s growth has been exponential and unrealistic over the years. Also, this platform is quite different and unique from other traditional gaming platforms. It’s something idiosyncratic yet incredible.

Exponential Growth

The growth of Sorare has been exponential. The main reason behind this exponential growth is fact that it is synchronized with the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As we all are aware that they hype about crypto is real and millions of people around the world are attracted by this unique technology and currency. The incorporation of digital currency in this platform has been the real game changed and attractive entity for people. As we stated before that this platform is young platform which is in its infancy period but still it has sold millions of dollars in digital currency. Isn’t that incredible?

For Football Lovers

This platform is not only a platform for trading, buying, or selling digital currency but it is also a platform for football lovers. Not only football lovers but fantasy football lovers. Just like the virtual currency, the football is virtual as well. That is why it is referred to as a platform for fantasy football lovers. You might be wondering that how can one play football on this platform, right?

Well, it’s not about playing football as it not like any ordinary football gaming platform. This platform allows the gamers to manage their favorite football players like a gaming manager. However, it’s not a simple task. It requires clever thinking and strategizing to manage the players because the strategies will led to the winning of incredible prizes. So, it’s a fun game which allows you to earn real rewards. Also, the best part is the fact that anyone anywhere in the world can play this game and earn unparalleled rewards. For more, click to Trino Marin that would be the right place for you.

They are Hiring Employees

Sorare started as a small platform with few workers but it’s exponential growth has led to the expanding of this platform. Due to this expanding, this platform is hiring more workers at all of its main headquarters all over the world. There are full-time positions and part-time positions that are mentioned on the internet such as graphic designers, managers, coordinators, and many more. So, it means that it’s a great opportunity to not only play at this platform but to work at this platform as well because this platform is a worldwide famous and will keep growing as it involves the blockchain technology. Sounds amazing, right?

Taking Over The Gaming Industry

This young platform is taking over the gaming industry by storm. In this tough times when everyone is bounded to stay at home, sorare is connecting people from all over the world while they are just sitting in their homes. Not only it is connecting people worldwide but it is also giving an incredible opportunity to the people from all over the word to earn money when they are restrained in their houses.

Transparency is Their Policy

One of the best facts about this gaming platform is that transparency is their foremost priority. There are no hidden policies to scam the people. They are completely transparent about how their platform works and how are the rewards awarded. They are also transparent about their rewarding criteria and they also let their employees to be completely transparent about how they work at the company and how they make the platform work. Last but not the least, they also provide simple and easy to understanding explanations without any technical terms to understand the working of their platform.