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Cosmetic Methods For Beautiful Teeth

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Cosmetic Methods For Beautiful Teeth

There are several ways to whiten and beautify your teeth, with advantages and disadvantages. In this article, with the help of cosmetic dentists, we discuss various cosmetic methods of teeth whitening and alignment in the dental clinic. Cosmetic dentistry offers different methods and techniques that help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Click here to get more information about cosmetic dentistry.

Various Dental Cosmetic Procedures

Tooth discoloration is caused by different factors, such as various beverages and smoking. Even foods, such as spices, can change the color of your teeth. Over time, the enamel weakens, and their color darkens.

There are four common methods for beautifying teeth and whitening them:

dental veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants, etc.

Dental Laminate 

Recently, dental laminates have become popular in almost all countries. Dental laminates are shells that cover the surface of your tooth. These shells are glassy and delicate and have high strength. Dental laminates not only whiten teeth but also eliminate dental imperfections with the use of special coatings. These defects include deformed teeth, long gaps between teeth, broken teeth, and cracked teeth. It is also possible to scale the dental laminate if needed. Dental laminates are divided into two main types: ceramic and veneer.

Ceramic Laminate

This type of laminate is made of ceramic. Ceramics themselves can have different types, which makes their price and durability different.

To laminate teeth with ceramic type, the cosmetic dentist first cuts some of the tooth’s thickness, then molds your teeth and sends them to the lab. In the laboratory, ceramic laminate is made based on the mold. The cosmetic dentist uses special glue to stick the ceramic laminates on the cut teeth in the last step. Ceramic laminates are very resistant to stains, and their durability is high.

Ceramic laminates, which are used for the beauty of teeth, have extraordinary strength. However, they may seem expensive for some patients.

Composite Laminate (veneer)

In case your teeth need to be shaved to apply a composite veneer, the amount will be small. In this procedure, the cosmetic dentist places a composite laminate directly on your tooth and shapes it in a way that you feel comfortable while speaking and chewing. Laminate color selection can also be made to your desire. Composite costs less than ceramic. After applying the dental veneer to the tooth, it can be scaled.

Cosmetic Methods For Beautiful Teeth

Is Ceramic Or Veneer Laminate Better For Cosmetic Purposes?

Both veneer and ceramic laminate methods are suitable for teeth beautifying and whitening, but they are different. If you have a chipped tooth or their color is dull or yellow, you can choose a dental veneer. The dental veneer is still better even if your teeth are spaced apart or larger than usual.

But when your teeth’s shapes are extremely abnormal, and teeth color has changed in a way that cannot be fixed quickly, ceramic laminate is a good option for the teeth’ beauty because it is more durable and stronger than other methods.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are excellent options for a missing tooth replacement. In this surgical procedure, a dental implant specialist inserts a titanium artificial tooth root to the jaw bone, then applies the dental crown on it. Dental implants can work similar to your natural teeth and last for the whole life with proper oral hygiene.