July 24, 2024

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Corona Testing Centers in the Netherlands

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Corona Testing Centers in the Netherlands

Starting from December, 2017 when a deadly virus, what we call ‘corona virus’ also known by covid 19, invaded human lives and killed millions of people across the globe. If certain precautionary measures hadn’t been taken, we would have lost so many more than we could ever imagine. And so, to tackle a situation like this where there was a fear of the unknown, better be called fear of the less known, the need was to form corona testing centers. Here we will discuss the corona testing centers in the Netherlands.

News of today

Before moving on to the actual topic, it’s important to know what Netherland is going through right now because of the pandemic. 2020 is a tough year and it seems like Netherland has to enter a complete lockdown of five weeks’ span making things really rough. Tight measures will be taken in case of complete lockdown to ensure that things don’t go out of hand for the Netherlands this time. People are keeping their tests a secret from their members which is a serious matter of concern. To know more about what’s happening in the Netherlands, refer to  corona-teller.nl

Symptoms of coronavirus

Corona does not happen overtime. It starts with a mild fever that rises up to 38 degrees centigrade and then more. With increasing temperature, body pain starts and the person is bedridden. Dry cough, fatigue, coughed up sticky mucus, stuffy nose and shortness of breath follow temperature. When it gets worse, it can also damage other parts of the body such as the kidneys which happens to only 1 percent of people and these are the people who die because of coronavirus.


coronatest aanvragen nederland, via corona-teller.nl

Role of test centers

Since this deadly disease needs to be treated early on, Test centers have been formed where you

  • make an appointment call
  • get your tests done at nearest test center in your street
  • get results in 15 minutes

These test centers have been formed at different places in the Netherlands to ensure that they’re everywhere and easy for any individual to get access to free tests so they can quarantine themselves before transmitting the virus to others.

Precautionary measures

What can we do to lessen the chances of getting corona?

  1. wash hands thoroughly as much as we can
  2. Lessen contact with people
  3. wear masks
  4. Go out only when needed
  5. corona sneltest so people know if they’ve got it or not so they can quarantine themselves.