March 25, 2023

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Breast Surgery

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Breast Surgery

every woman would want an ideal body shape, sexy and proportional, having a body that is charming and sexy is the dream of every woman on earth. the.

One example of a woman’s body part that is often said to be sexy is the breast, often attacking women who are willing to perform surgery to enlarge the breast. However, sometimes a woman does things that are outside of her health so that it endangers her health and causes cancer or a tumor in that area.

The initial symptom that is often felt is a change in skin texture due to inflammation of the skin cells of the breast. Some of the changes include scaly or very dry skin around the nipples and areola, thickened skin on the breast and sometimes sufferers also experience itching. feel pain in the breast, swelling occurs or aumento de pecho, breast skin reddening or bruising.

The way to prevent this is to carry out routine treatment which can also be done independently or with the help of medical personnel. If the cancer is very severe then surgery must be done to remove the cancer. The most commonly heard cancer prevention surgery is breast removal surgery. This operation is usually recommended for people with a high history of breast cancer in their family. However, the implementation of this operation certainly needs to be preceded by an examination of the presence or absence of hereditary breast cancer genes.

It also has side effects and risks depending on the type of surgery being performed but in general the patient will experience pain or bleeding. However, it also cannot be said to be cured. The operation only relieves pain or avoids the risk of getting worse. The cost of doing breast surgery is also not cheap.

So many women do various ways to be able to maintain the health of their bodies. This also has a positive impact on them because they will still look beautiful and sexy every day.