July 24, 2024

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Why to Convert Your Health Blogger Website Into an iOS Mobile App

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Why to Convert Your Health Blogger Website Into an iOS Mobile App

Out of all the annual app revenue in 2020, which was 111 billion, more than 64% or 72.3 billion belong to revenue made from iOS. This set of numbers shows you the importance of iOS in mobile app development and how people and businesses take advantage of the current situation.

Why iOS?

Having an iOS mobile app that complements your online health blog will help you reach out to an entirely new audience on the App Store faster than ever and without spending zero bucks on additional marketing campaigns. Of course, the whole process of iOS app development isn’t easy, and it can get quite pricey too.

However, if you have absolutely no knowledge in the iOS field, you’ll definitely need the help of an expert in the area. If you would hire iOS developer, things would be simpler for everyone, and you’ll be relieved from unnecessary stress.

With the help of an iOS developer, you’d be able to personalize the app and completely sync your health blog’s appearance, design, and layout with the newly designed app, so it would be clear that those two are actually the same.

Furthermore, if you decide something isn’t for you or that you want to make some changes, the iOS developer will be able to both do and track the changes made so your web developer would know what to do next.

The mobile iOS app is an excellent way to continue posting even if you’re on the go, with the draft and publish immediately options. Let’s see how the mobile app version of your blog can help you out and ease things for you as a blogger:

Free of Charge Marketing 

Making your health blog accessible on the browser and via the app will deepen your relationship with your readers. Keeping in mind that Apple has a bit of a higher standard than other companies in the same industry, we could tell that the chance of an Apple user buying an app or a feature inside the app is much higher than an Android user purchasing the same app.

That’s why depending on how your app performs and on its popularity among iOS users, it might be a good idea to create a paid feature like a calendar where people can enter their healthy habits of the day.

Better User Experience

One cannot compare an iOS app to a “simple” blog website in terms of user experience. So, we thought that if you used some native features to the mobile devices right, you could improve the quality of the user experience and the engagement your readers get on the blog. Moreover, a health blog definitely looks better as a mobile app than as an online site.

Increase the Blog Traffic

Let everybody start with themselves. How much time does one spend on a smartphone on an average day? I could bet that no less than 80% of all time spent online. So, now imagine that half those users spend half of their average time online precisely on your health app. How much would your blog be boosted, ha?

Eased Offline Usage

Another considerable advantage your blog will gain when you launch your app is that the readers will be able to read your health blog anytime. So, you might ask, how is that different from the website? The website offers 24/7 access to your blog, but only if your visitors are connected to the internet. At the same time, the iOS app will make your content available at all times, no matter whether the user has a low or no network connection at all.

Mobile Application Can Improve the Communication with Your Audience

One of the exclusive features of a mobile app is push notifications. Those clickable pop-ups will help you to ease out the communication with your readers and deepen your relationship. Moreover, you can use push notifications to let your readers know that you’ve posted a new blog, or they can help the reader keep up with the most recent replies on their comment. If you see your blog popularity going up, it might be a good idea to create a special blog section that only the most active members of your community will have access to.