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When Does Depression Appear

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When Does Depression Appear

Sadness, lack of interest in what is happening around, too lazy to get out of bed, and just, there is no mental and physical strength to do anything. All this, according to psychologists, is a sign of spring depression. What kind of condition is this, how dangerous is it, and how to deal with depression will say Mississauga marriage counselling.

Why does depression most often visit us in spring and autumn?

There is no definite answer to this question, but there are quite a few assumptions. The most plausible – seasonal changes (from winter to summer and vice versa) dramatically change the hormonal processes in the organisms of all living things. This is a kind of legacy of the entire evolutionary chain: in cold time, living things slowed down all life processes up to suspended animation, and by the warm time a hormonal release occurs in them – preparation for procreation. And where there are hormones – there are emotions, tears, anger, resentment, then inappropriate fun, then desperate longing. Other hypotheses: excess or lack of vitamins, the accumulation of metabolic products, that is, toxins in the body and their poor excretion in winter from low mobility and the like. A very important factor is the duration of daylight, primarily affecting the hormonal background and mood!

Is depression just a bad mood or an illness?

Seasonal (or depressive syndrome) is often a functional, temporary decrease in mood and vitality, tearfulness, passivity, indifference to their appearance, and so on. Real or, as psychiatrists say, “major” depression is a severe mental disorder characterized by a prolonged course, often depressed, sleep disturbance, a sense of personal worthlessness, rejection. This form of depression is often complicated by somatic illnesses and suicidal attempts. Its beginning is usually heavy and prolonged stress: conflicts at work, loss of loved ones and loved ones, strong resentment and so on.

And who should you ask for help in case of depression?

Regarding depressive syndrome, it is best to contact an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist. True depression is treated by psychiatrists. However, the choice of a specialist should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, now many people who call themselves psychotherapists do not have a medical education and undertake to solve problems that they have no idea about. So, psychotherapists who have graduated from pedagogical or psychological faculties are not entitled to engage in diagnostics or treatment, as such. The scope of their duties is the resolution of personal, social or professional conflicts, problems of behavior and relationships, helping a person in difficult life conflicts, choosing a profession, searching for himself and so on. Only doctors are allowed to treat. When applying for psychotherapeutic help, find out exactly what diploma your consultant received, what practical experience in medicine he has.

Is it possible to deal with depression yourself?

In fact, most of us do just that. As the name implies, seasonal depression does not last forever and in summer (or in winter, if it came in the fall), it will pass by itself.

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