November 28, 2023

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What are the social impacts of Addiction?

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What are the social impacts of Addiction?

Drug use is starting to become a common part of our society and there are a lot of dangers that are associated with this shift. A study found that in America about 22 million people are abusing at least one drug, but it is speculated that a large percent of this population is partial to abuse more than one drug. Among the addict population, only about 10 percent are trying to rid themselves of their addiction by taking part in any sort of rehab program around the nation. This is a very low percentage and the effects of this can be seen in our society. Drug use has become common in our society. An example of this can be seen in how drugs have become an integral part of the nightlife in our country. Clubs and other such venues are often potential markets for drug dealers, and they fully exploit the often-young population. Drugs have become so common in our society that some drugs have also become legal. Alcohol and tobacco are common sights around the country being sold at every supermarket and convenience store. Alcohol used to be banned in the country and today it has become a drink that is a common sight at everything from a football game watch party to dinner. We need to raise awareness about the way drug addiction affects the addict and those around the addict so that people understand the dangers of addiction to abuse drugs.

One of the first people that are affected by addiction are those people immediately around the addict. This is usually the family of the addict. Families can get torn apart very easily due to the presence of an addict. In the best-case scenario, the family breaks and moves apart with the member separating themselves from the addict but the cases where this is not a possibility are very depressing. In such cases, the entire family is forced to live in a very toxic environment and contend with the addict. Such households have a very high chance of domestic violence occurring. The worst rendition of such a family is where the child or children are forced to live with parents who are drug addicts. Living in such a home destroys the mind of the child and causes them to have problems their entire lives. Such children are more likely to get involved in crime and drug abuse themselves.

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Addiction can lead to death and not only of the addict but of those around them as well as random innocents. Addicts are much more likely to take part in a crime in order to fuel their addiction and are likely to take actions that they would not normally consider doing. This makes an addict dangerous. As the number of addicts increases, we will certainly see a subsequent rise in the number of crimes especially in neighborhoods where the drug trade is rampant. Even if the addict does not intend any harm, they can end up not only hurting themselves but also others who happen to be around them. An example of this is DUI (Driving Under Influence) it means driving while being intoxicated on drugs. This is a common cause of motor accidents that can result in the death of the addict but can also hurt and kill innocent who happened to be at the wrong place.

So, if you have a loved one that has fallen prey to drug addiction, waiting for longer causes the addiction to get stronger. If the person is abusing drugs your relationship with them is going to be strained and the addict and all those around them will suffer. So, it is important that you quickly identify addiction and then contact a rehab center online i.e., Drug Rehab New Hampshire to get more information and help your loved ones take the first step on the rehab journey.