December 4, 2023

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What Are the Different Types of Watches?

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What Are the Different Types of Watches?

According to some people, all the watches are the same and they only do just one thing and that is to show the time. Have you assumed that watches are for just showing numbers? If you think like that, in that case you have underestimated how much a watch can help in your everyday life. Watches are not that simple as they seem like. Once you know and understand the several types of watches available in the market, you will realize that different watches have different things to offer. If you want to buy watches with the latest technology, look for GPS Running Watches at Onsport.

Analog Watches:

Undeniably, this is one of the most traditional display types of watches. This consists of the one with an hour hand, a minute hand, and sometimes the second hand. It is the type you grow up in your house, in your school, and in almost every public infrastructure. Even your parents used to teach you how to read the time. Analog watches are so common you probably don’t need any further explanation.

Digital Watches:

Digital watches are the type of watch that uses LCD screens to display the time and other information that may be available in the watch. It is only available among quartz watches as it needs electric power.

Hybrid Watches:

As the word itself describes, the type that combines the first two types. Hybrid watches generally look like analog watches, with hour, minute, and second hands. These watches offer much more on their LCD screen. Many people choose the classic look of an analog face combined with the modern convenience of apps, notifications, and other features that smartwatches offer. Hybrid smartwatches display the time digitally on the LCD while there are also hybrid watches that include fitness trackers, may even be connected to a smartphone, and other features available in common smartwatches.

Touch Screen Watches:

As the name itself indicates, the watch functions are controlled primarily through touching the screen, they typically go along with touchscreen displays to simply navigate around its menu and different functions.

Quartz Watches:

Based on movement, quartz is the most common type in this category. It is often known as silicon dioxide or sand, which is an abundant mineral on earth. As compared to automatic watches quartz is more durable. The perfect combination of affordability, durability, and accuracy abundant minerals on earth.

Pilot Watches:

These watches are initially designed for aviation fighter pilots. Tachymeters, altimeters, compasses are some of the special tools that consist of pilot watches and often have a slide rule bezel to help make calculations on the fly. They may also come in large sizes and with the numbers visible on the watch face.

Solar watches:

Through the photovoltaic cells on the watch’s face, solar watches capture solar energy and convert them into electricity which is stored inside a power cell. After this, the function performed by solar watches is quartz watches. Additionally, the lights used by solar watches are not only sunlight but all other lights that are bright enough. So, finally, it’s a watch that can run forever.