February 23, 2024

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Troubleshooting Discord: How to Fix the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ Issue

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If you are a regular user of Discord, you might have come across the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ issue while trying to share images with your friends or in a server. This issue can be quite frustrating, especially if you rely on Discord for communication and sharing content. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this problem and provide you with some troubleshooting tips to fix it.

Reasons Behind the Issue

The ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ issue on Discord can occur due to a number of reasons. One common reason is a temporary glitch or bug in the Discord app or web version. This can happen from time to time and usually gets fixed with an update from the Discord team. Another reason could be an issue with the server you are trying to share the image in, or it could be related to your own internet connection or device.

Check Your Internet Connection

Before diving into more complex troubleshooting methods, it’s important to check your internet connection. A slow or unstable internet connection can sometimes cause issues with image previews on Discord. Make sure you are connected to a stable and reliable network, and try refreshing the app or web page to see if the issue resolves itself.

Update Discord App

If the issue persists, it’s a good idea to check if there are any updates available for the Discord app. Outdated versions of the app can sometimes lead to compatibility issues and cause unexpected glitches. Go to the app store or website from which you downloaded Discord and look for any available updates. Installing the latest version of Discord might just solve the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ problem.

Clear Discord Cache

Another troubleshooting step you can take is to clear the cache of the Discord app. Caches are temporary files stored by apps to speed up their performance, but they can sometimes become corrupted and cause issues. To clear the Discord cache, go to the settings or preferences section of the app and look for the option to clear cache. Once you’ve done that, restart the app and see if the issue is resolved.

Check Server Permissions

If you are experiencing the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ issue in a specific server on Discord, it’s possible that there are certain restrictions or permissions set by the server owner that prevent you from sharing images. Double-check the server settings and permissions to ensure that you have the necessary access to share images. If you are not the server owner, reach out to them for assistance.

Reinstall Discord App

If none of the above methods work, you may need to resort to reinstalling the Discord app. Sometimes, a clean installation can resolve persistent issues and clear out any underlying problems with the app files. Uninstall the app from your device, then download and install the latest version from the official website or app store. After reinstalling, log in to your account and see if the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ problem is gone.


In conclusion, the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ issue on Discord can be quite frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Start by checking your internet connection, updating the Discord app, clearing the app’s cache, and verifying server permissions. If all else fails, reinstalling the app might just do the trick. By following these troubleshooting tips, you can hopefully get back to sharing images seamlessly on Discord.


Q: Why am I unable to copy image previews on Discord?

A: The ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ issue on Discord can occur due to various reasons, including temporary glitches, network issues, outdated app versions, and server permissions.

Q: Can clearing the Discord cache help resolve the issue?

A: Yes, clearing the app’s cache can sometimes resolve image preview problems on Discord by removing corrupted temporary files that may be causing the issue.

Q: What should I do if reinstalling the app doesn’t fix the problem?

A: If reinstalling the Discord app doesn’t resolve the issue, you may want to reach out to Discord support for further assistance or look for alternative solutions online.

unable to copy image preview discord
If you’re encountering the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ issue on Discord, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try to fix the problem. This issue usually occurs when you try to copy an image from Discord and paste it elsewhere, but are unable to do so.

First, make sure that you have the correct permissions to copy and paste images on Discord. If you’re a user with limited permissions, you may not be able to copy and paste images from Discord. Check with the server admin or your role permissions to ensure you have the necessary access.

If you’ve confirmed that you have the proper permissions, try refreshing the Discord app or website. Sometimes, technical glitches can cause issues with copying and pasting images. Simply refreshing the page or restarting the app can help resolve the problem.

Another troubleshooting tip is to clear your Discord cache. Cached data can sometimes cause issues with copying and pasting images, so clearing the cache may help fix the problem. To do this, navigate to the settings menu in Discord and find the option to clear cache.

If clearing the cache doesn’t work, try logging out and logging back into Discord. Sometimes, signing out and signing back in can help refresh your account and resolve any issues with copying and pasting images.

In some cases, the issue may be with the image itself. Try opening the image in a separate browser window or image editing program, and then try copying and pasting it again. If the issue persists, the problem may be with the image file itself.

If none of these troubleshooting tips work, you may want to consider reaching out to Discord support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional guidance on how to fix the ‘Unable to Copy Image Preview’ issue.

In the meantime, you can also try using alternative methods to share the image, such as saving it to your device and then uploading it directly to the chat or server. While this may not resolve the underlying issue, it can serve as a temporary workaround until the problem is fixed. unable to copy image preview discord