July 24, 2021


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There Are Two Ways To Pass The Urine Test When Smoking THC

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Urine Test When Smoking THC

Urine Test When Smoking THC

Even though cannabis is the lightest and least dangerous drug, it is still the one that stays the longest in our system. It is there long after we consume it. If you’re facing the drug test at work you should know that the greatest challenge to pass it is if you’ve been smoking pot. More than any other substance.

For example, if you’re facing the hair follicle test, you’ll have to do something about the problem even if you smoked 3 months ago. This test can uncover narcotic traces after 90 days of consumption.

Luckily for everyone, the most popular option among employers is the urinalysis. This one can show traces for only 30 days which is a lot less than the previous choice we mentioned. Still, a month is not something you should neglect as a problem. It’s an issue that needs to be taken care of.

In this article, we’re talking about the two most useful ways to get rid of the toxins inside your body prior to the urinalysis. If you need help around this problem, continue reading and see the options you have!

Option No.1 – Exercise!

The first option is the more complex one but at the same time, it’s the one that is done more healthily. To get rid of the toxins you need to exercise. How and why you should do this? Read on!

The THC particles are always finding a place to stay in our body fat. This is the place that our system has the hardest time to flush from toxins. If you do nothing, it will take around a month, depending on how often you’re smoking for the liver to do its job and with the help of water and oxygen to completely clean up everything.

Knowing this, it’s clear that you need to help by adding water and oxygen inside you. The water is easy, you’ll simply drink more water and that’s it. But you can’t do it all the time, right? The point of water drinking is to help the system do the flushing cycle faster. Drinking a lot means you need to extract it too.

The best way to do this is by exercising hard. The sweat is another byproduct of our body from which the toxins are being released. On top of this, you get to breathe a lot deeper than usual, and with it inhale a lot more oxygen which is also needed, as we said. Learn about the benefits of oxygen and why it is so important for the humans here.

There are some juices and teas that are helping in the detoxification process but they are something that you can do without if you don’t like consuming things you’re not sure what they are. If you don’t mind the chemicals inside, feel free to try them, they do an excellent job, no doubt.

Option No. 2 – Synthetic Urine

The second option is the fake pee or synthetic urine as it is called. This is actually a liquid that is made to mimic the original byproduct commonly called piss. It is made from the same ingredients as the pee is. Chemical scientists found out long ago what is in there, and now it’s easy for the labs to produce a product that’s exactly like it.

Of course, the chemical product is made without the toxins you’d like to get rid from. The substances inside are the same as the real thing, and no one can tell the difference. The only thing that’s different is that the sample that you hand over to the lab practitioners must be heated to the temperature that your body is producing it.

If you fail heating it to around 95 degrees which is a normal human temperature, the doctors will know that you’re giving them either an old sample or a fake one. This is why you need to mind this when doing the switch.

Yes, that’s what you’ll have to do, switch the samples. When you go to the toilet you’re expected to fill in a cup that will be used for making the test. What you have to do is be ready and give the practitioners the fake one when you get out.

To do this, you’ll have to order it online first. You can find more info here about where it is best to look for such a product. More web pages are selling these kinds of things. Even on great sites like Amazon or AliExpress, you can find these things, but only under the categories adult and pranks.

If you choose this option you can be sure that there’s no way to fail the test. Of course, unless you get caught when handing over the fake sample. The machines are programmed to show perfect results and you’ll surely pass.

On top of everything, you don’t have to do anything special. No sweating, no exercise, and no drinking excessive amounts of liquids that will make you full. You can continue smoking like you do every day and no one will even know how you managed to do it.


These two options are the best and the only chances you have in passing. If you’ve been smoking previously, you know that it’s not easy to refresh the air in the room for some time and let’s not talk about refreshing your body.

For the first option, you’ll need around two weeks of dedicating and constant exercise. For the second option, you only need to order the kit from the internet and read the instruction manual. Both options are good but if you have no two weeks, you better find a good dealer and buy the kit right away.

Finally, be sure that failing should not be an option. If you don’t pass, your employer will fire you and most likely you’ll have a lot of problems finding something good because you won’t get a good recommendation.