December 4, 2023

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Synthetic or natural hair wigs: Which should I get?

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Synthetic or natural hair wigs: Which should I get?

Changing natural hair colors & fading

Have you ever dreamed of a certain hairstyle? With natural hair wigs, you can customize the color of your wig to meet your needs. Natural wigs can be customized to your preferences, and they can match your natural complexion and hair colour. If you want to decide if a color is right before applying it fully, swatch it and make sure it looks good. 

The color of dyed human hair fades after washing and styling. Routine touch-up appointments will help you prevent fading by keeping your hair color vibrant.

 What is the weight of a natural wig?

European Custom European hair wigs are known for their natural-looking lightness and lightness. Wigs made from human hair weigh anywhere from 120-300 grams (3-6 ounces) and have the advantage of lasting a lot longer, looking more natural, and offering a lot of styles.

Natural wigs, however, vary in weight according to how they are manufactured.

It will look more natural if the wig is lighter, as more air can penetrate it. An expensive wig made by highly skilled workers and ventilated carefully will require a longer production time.  Conversely, wigs with more hairs per knot are easier to make, but weigh more.

The Chinese wig will be thicker and heavier if it has five or six hairs per knot. This will result in a faster and more cost-effective manufacturing process.

 A Hair Wig Has Its Own Longevity

Natural wigs last for a long time, right? Read more about European human hair wigs from Daniel Alain Hafid. A quality wig will last for years if it is well maintained and worn daily, according to Daniel. 

A Human’s Guide to Hair Care

Natural Hair Wigs vs Synthetic: What's the best option?

Want a wig that will remain beautiful for a long time? Make sure to prioritize proper maintenance to keep your hair looking healthy and supple. If you frequently wear, style, and heat your wig, you need to wash it after about seven to ten times. 

Natural hair wigs do not require regular cleaning due to the lack of lubricating oils in biological hair. It is also necessary to properly maintain wigs in order to prevent them from appearing unkempt and drab. In the event that your beautiful locks are lost, wigs costing a lot of money are of no use.

Have a question? An instructional video on how to wash and set human hair wigs can be found here. 

You can get hair flipping locks like @being_mrs_brown’s with good maintenance.

Maintaining Your Hair

It is an investment to purchase a high-quality human hair wig. Where did it come from? A rigorous manufacturing process ensures intact cuticles, making the hair of the wig look natural. It is not automatic that a wig made of human hair is of high quality simply because it is natural. Wherefore?

There are many different types of natural wigs, costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars.

 European human hair wigs are generally more expensive because they look more natural and are more likely to last longer. Wigs that are high quality do not fall apart even after frequent washings and stylings. As well as being versatile, comfortable, durable, and natural-moving, these products are also comfortable to use.