July 23, 2024

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N95 Mask Price and Piracy Issues

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N95 Mask

N95 Mask

Roaming in the present viral world have you wondered what if we run out of the N95 mask and left with no regular surgical mask? That might be a problem and honestly speaking that is a problem because many companies, that are not certified around the world, are working day and night to meet the requirement of the N95 mask without taking on notes about the quality and the working process that is needed to be done by the N95 mask.

The world today is facing the problem of a shortage of the N95 mask that is in hands of mostly rich people and poor people don’t consider it to be an important thing because they already are facing issues that make their money usage limited and make them live from hand to mouth. Not only poor people but nurses and other medical staff are reinforced to use the mask again and again which is contagious because the N95 are disposable and should not be used again and again.

Almost 3.5 billion masks are needed to come up with the shortage and the factories are running to complete this gap. But the basic problem is not the shortage of the mask the basic problem is how to deal with the pirated N95 masks.  Because you purchase the N95 mask considering it to be the original one. So here is a tip for you. Never forget to read the word NIOSH written on the N95 you purchased from a medical store or a general store. The word NIOSH is the representation of the center that certifies that a specific batch of masks with a specific approved number is the original N95 mask and not the pirated one. The NIOSH is the representation for The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. So you just need to look for these code words and the number that NIOSH made masks has on them should be on the list that is provided on their official website.

The above process might seem like that it is a long process for lazy users but keep in mind that it is a lifesaving mask and is not meant to be treated without a little research. The N95 masks are available at different rates because people around the world are taking the advantage of this miserable virus to fill their pockets. Everyone is snatching from others’ mouths. The general price of the N95 mask on amazon is $15.99 and the total expenditure on shipping and estimated import to Pakistan comes out to be $88.46. So it’s a pretty expensive mask but ensuring your complete safety because of its 95% working capacity. You can also order in a different color that matches your outfit if you are making an order on amazon.

If you are a mask user make sure to read the abbreviations written on it and if you are a seller make sure that you are selling the actual product because the lives of many people are at risk when you think that you are wearing a mask and moving in public areas but your mask is not able to protect neither you nor the people around you. So it’s not a matter of others’ life it’s a matter of your life.

Coronavirus is taking the lives of many people irrespective of if they are rich or poor but if you have enough to buy the N95 mask and make it to the end please be careful when you are purchasing because it requires only a limited effort to pick the right thing. Use the mask regularly and don’t consider the N95 mask a light thing because researches have proved that it catches 95% of the particles that are airborne of dust particles so they gain no entrance to your mouth or through your nasal area. So spend money not only on your food to increase your immunity but also on the preventive measures so that you may remain safe during this pandemic. But one thing should be kept in mind avoid going to public areas and you should go only if there is a much need to go out. Stay home stay safe.