September 27, 2022

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Invisalign Cost in Mumbai

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Invisalign Cost in Mumbai

What is an Invisalign?

These are tooth aligners that help in keeping the tooth in the proper place. Invisalign is a proprietary method of orthodontic treatment that deals with the clear removal and usage of teeth aligners in replacement of the traditional old braces.

Benefits of Invisalign

These not just help in keeping the teeth in place but also helps in resolving biting issues and chewing problems. Wearing Invisalign does not interrupt ones speaking abilities and hence makes one feel confident in social situations.

Cost of Invisalign in Mumbai

Invisalign cost in Mumbai started from rupees 1,50,000. Invisalign tends to be costlier than braces as these teeth aligners are produced in laboratories which adds up to its cost. Premium material and technology are used to make the teeth aligners and hence the cost of the aligners is considerably higher than that of the traditional old teeth braces. Invisalign treatment in Mumbai is considered to be one of the best teeth treatments across Asia and hence this treatment gathers a lot of attention from people suffering from dental issues. Orthodontists in Mumbai are ISO certified and are the best in the business. Although the cost of Invisalign across the globe is pretty high and hence it becomes not so economic for a lot of people, but the Invisalign cost in mumbai is a little low as compared to that of the other places.

Factors on Which the Cost of the Invisalign Depends

The cost of Invisalign depends on many factors like the number of aligners, complexity of the teeth, condition of the teeth, etc. The minimal amount that a person has a spend to avail of this treatment is rupees 1,50,000.

Process of Payment

Several dental hospitals in Mumbai offer payment plans to make the Invisalign treatment a little more affordable and easier to avail. The installment plans for payment is certainly very helpful for all the patients or their family. In this process, one can pay the entire fee in certain timely installments after the entire treatment process is done. The Invisalign cost is quite higher than any other dental treatment but it is a one-time investment and hence if a person wants to get back their original smile, the shape of their tooth, and also do not want to interrupt their speaking abilities then Invisalign is the only solution for all these issues.


Dental problems should never be ignored or mistreated. One must avail the best treatment for any problems they are facing regarding their body. Invisalign treatment in Mumbai is truly the best Invisalign treatment across the globe. It might be a little costly for some people but the investment you make for your health will never go in vain. There are several great dental hospitals and clinics in Mumbai that offer payment schemes which is the long run help the patient to avail of such costly procedures. When it comes to one’s body, one shall never compromise with the best.