May 15, 2021


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How to Promote Mental Wellness Among Your Colleagues

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How to Promote Mental Wellness Among Your Colleagues

Many people are going through mental health issues because of this pandemic. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay with family members. Some people have to quarantine alone. If you’re lucky enough to be with your family members, you have to find a way to promote mental wellness among your colleagues. These are some ways to do it.

Call Them

The least you can do is to keep in touch with your colleagues. Let them know that you care and offer your time if they need someone to talk to. Your phone call will mean a lot to them. You might not give the best advice, but your time is good enough for them. If they’re not comfortable opening up, it’s okay. Let them know that you’re always available if they need help.

Convince Them to Ask for Help

If your colleagues don’t want to talk about personal problems with you, you can’t force them. However, you can tell them to seek help from mental health experts. They can find someone and express how they feel. They might feel comfortable to share with a professional. Regardless of what you’re going through, there’s no shame in asking for help. Some of them might still find it a taboo to consult with a mental health expert. Let them know that there’s nothing wrong with it, and they’re brave for doing it.

Organize A Zoom Call but Not for Work-Related Issues

Some employees already feel exhausted doing zoom meetings. Perhaps, you can ask for an online meeting but not for work-related issues. It can be a regular meeting to have fun and talk about anything. You can also host some virtual games. You might miss your colleagues and now is your opportunity to keep in touch with them in a different capacity.

Promote The Use of Multivitamins

Not everyone takes multivitamins. Some people don’t even see the value of doing it. The truth is that multivitamins can help protect people from illnesses. They can boost the immune system. Another unknown benefit of multivitamins is that they help in promoting mental wellness. Advocate for the regular intake of multivitamins like Gobi Gold. Your colleagues will thank you for the recommendation.

Create an Open Line of Communication

There are instances when people experience severe mental health challenges because of work. Therefore, you have to make everyone feel comfortable with sharing their thoughts and feelings. You don’t want to promote a culture where people keep everything to themselves even if they’re already having a hard time. Facing complaints from your colleagues might be awkward, but you have to accept them. You would rather let them express their emotions than let them suffer. If there are other issues, you have to find a way to prevent them from escalating. Finally, you have to create an environment where people who go through mental health challenges don’t feel judged. Instead, they get help and support from everyone.