December 4, 2023

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How Does Nextgen Pricing Work?

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How Does Nextgen Pricing Work?

With the introduction of Nextgen pricing Platform and its new offerings, such as Microsoft Office, it is anticipated that the total cost of implementing the new programs will be much lower than with traditional software.

However, when considering the implementation costs for your company, it is very important to evaluate what exactly you stand to gain by adopting a particular Nextgen solution. As you go about this evaluation process, there are several things to consider, such as the impact on your ability to innovate in the industry, the impact on your staff’s performance, and the impact on your overall cost of ownership. Through this article, we will discuss the various areas of the potential benefit that can be realized by adopting Nextgen:

One area of great benefit is the potential for greater data migration savings. Through Nextgen, users will no longer need to shell out additional funds for data migration support services, which may have been in the form of complex, manual migrations before. The practice director and technical architect of a specific Nextgen organization may well lead the effort in developing customized, fully integrated, and integrated solutions through the use of XML web services and XML APIs.

When implemented, the potential savings will accrue from greater ease of implementation and lessening the need for manual work and the elimination of burdensome manual coding. By freeing up the practice director and other staff for a more comprehensive range of tasks, such as customer contact and accounting, the time necessary to complete these tasks can be increased, thus freeing up the staff’s time for higher-value client interactions. Lastly, through Nextgen, a company can anticipate reducing its reliance on third-party outsourced software license purchase and maintenance.

Another potential area of benefit is the potential for less restrictive licensing terms associated with the usage of Nextgen tools and solutions. The customization features provided by this technology, especially in programming, give organizations several options when licensing the products.

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Depending on the level of customization desired, users can either acquire perpetual licenses for the use of the technology or a standard, performance-based license for a defined period. Perpetual licenses allow for significant price savings over the contract’s life, while performance-based contracts typically have a lower cost base but are enforceable upon renewal of the contract. Several companies have sought solutions that allow for flexible, long-term licensing arrangements while also retaining a high level of customer service.

One area that has seen some changes with Nextgen pricing is the total cost of usage (TCS) pricing model. In the past, TCS pricing was based solely on subscription charges, and, as a result, many organizations have chosen not to take advantage of these services. TCS has now been adjusted to reflect better the true cost of implementing Nextgen across an enterprise. With this adjustment, the monthly invoice is now based on usage, which allows for more accurate pricing and less misunderstanding amongst customers and partners.

Customization Features. Another significant benefit of this technology is the implementation of “scale-out” capabilities. Scale-out provides instant online price checks when a size table requires a certain number of tags to configure the product properly. For instance, if a product consists of a few hundred labels, the online system will automatically scale out the number of labels until the accumulated proper number of these items. The advantage of this capability is that it saves time by allowing the seller to configure the product without measuring the item firsthand.

Global Sizes. In earlier versions of the Nextgen suite, there were not any global sizing features available. This meant that different products would require different amounts of labels. For example, a pair of shoes would need two different sizes peculiar to each item, whereas a pair of children’s shoes would need only one size odd. With the introduction of this system, Nextgen now provides instant online price checks on items of varying sizes.

Store Credit Irrespective of the number of tags used, the pricing system maintains consistent and uniform prices. As long as the number of tags required is fewer than the number of product dimensions, the product can be easily customized using the supplied tools to translate foreign prices using online tools. For instance, when Nextgen calculates store credit owed to sellers, they always calculate the equivalent store credit owed to the suppliers of products with tag sizes unique to that particular product.

Instantaneous global translations. One of the latest additions to Nextgen is its instant global translations. Through its advanced tools on key terms and terminology, Nextgen determines the most appropriate translation of a particular currency pair to make it understandable to customers from various countries. Many of the suggested prices offered by the system are translated into foreign currencies. Thus, when it comes to currencies exchange, customers can be sure that they get the best value for their money.