July 24, 2024

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Gay Surrogacy in Cyprus: How to Find It

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Gay Surrogacy

Gay Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a pretty normal procedure in many countries, however, only when it comes to traditional couples within the meaning of stereotypes. Gay couples would struggle to proceed with such a bureaucratic process though, in Cyprus, it is not impossible to have a baby for gay men or women. Learn more about gay surrogacy in Cyprus, the money involved in the process, and move forward to becoming parents with your partner.

How Does Perfect Surrogacy Happen in Cyprus?

As of now, Cyprus still lags behind the UK and Australia where the same LGBT couples may at least get acquainted with adequate surrogacy laws. A clinic may basically transfer an embryo from a gay couple to the surrogate they choose but there may be many risks left behind the legit of the procedure. To access the legit, and validity of the whole process, gay couples may address this inquiry to the best surrogacy in Cyprus agency easily through the Internet which will ensure everything is law-abiding.

What about surrogacy cost in Cyprus? The good news for potential parents is that the cost is not so expensive compared to other countries in Europe, again because of the lacking laws. To be more specific, a cost may start at approximately 4,500 euros though only when you have already found a woman to be your surrogate mother. Beyond that, the price and other fees can also differ based on the clinic you choose or an agency that guides you through all legal processes. By using the World Center of Baby, you are literally deprived of any problems and pay only transparent fees. Then, an agency may negotiate with you about the birthplace of your baby. For instance, an embryo transfer may take place in Cyprus but a child will be born in another country where surrogacy laws are more favorable.

Note, a surrogate mother from/in Cyprus is listed on the birth certificate together with the intended dad but only if the birth occurs out there. The intended dad may be also confirmed by passing a genetic test to abstain from possible obstacles or troubles coming from the law side. Sometimes this testing and parental order is a must to become legal parents and then take the baby back to their country.

How to start? Having a baby without actual pregnancy but surrogacy is not that hard again if you rely on proven agencies like the World Center of Baby. Such agencies have a depository of moms, potential female surrogates, and professionals who do their best to make it all smooth. You have to fill out the form, and get a consultation on all the steps involved. To access utmost safety, ensure finding the agency that offers the payment process in installments. So you can first choose a potential mom and then look forward to being a parent. All in all, either with the World Center of Baby or pretty much other agencies, use this chance to make your “maternal” dreams come true.