July 24, 2024

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Eye Awareness Tips: Maintaining Strong Eye Health

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Eye Health

Eye Health

The Importance of Proactive Eye Health

Did you know there are steps you can take to enhance your ocular health? Many don’t realize it, but eyes need not degrade as fast as is often believed. Certainly, over time, eyes tend to lose the strength and vigor of youth. But that doesn’t mean you have to just let your vision disappear.

In this writing we’ll cover a few things you can do proactively to protect your vision. While you likely won’t be able to stop all degradation over time—especially if you live into your late nineties or beyond—you may be surprised what you are able to do if you put your mind to it and intentionally pursue positive outcomes.

Eat The Right Foods

Here’s a list of ten foods that are good for your eyes—though there are others as well, it’s worth noting. In a nutshell, these foods include bell peppers, varying fruits and vegetables, bok choy, cauliflower, papaya, strawberry, and more.

Things that are brightly colored tend to be good for the eye—within reason. Don’t eat a poison dart frog, obviously; or anything else that may be poisonous.

Practice Eye Exercises

While there are professionals who don’t agree on the efficacy of these exercises, many believe and strongly prescribe certain ocular “calisthenics”, if you will, to maintain the acuity of vision.

At the very least, practicing the exercises you’ll find in this hyperlink can’t hurt, and at best, such exercises could not only improve your vision, they could maintain its strength longer than normal.

Get Yourself Examined Regularly

Many eye issues are congenital, many eye issues are environmental, some eye issues require surgery to correct, others will require you to get some sort of augmented solution like contact lenses or glasses.

Here is a link to eye doctors at FSN eye center. The practitioners at this link can give you an idea what you’re dealing with, why, what you can do, how, and other pertinent information pertaining to vision.

Avoid Activities Negative to Your Eyes

Eye Health

Obviously you shouldn’t look at welding arcs or other bright electrical illumination—such as the sun itself—without some sort of protection. However, there are also activities that are bad for your eyes, and which many people don’t realize represent an issue. Smoking is a great example. If you’re a smoker, you’ve gotten smoke in your eye, and it stings.

Well, get smoke like that in your eyes for many years, and your vision will likely wane owing to the associated effects. So learn what isn’t good for your eyes, and do your best to avoid things which will negatively affect them.

As You Age, Or Notice Issues, Wear Protection

When you’re older, your eyes slowly go dim. If you get eye protection, that can help restrict further dimming of your eyes. It will depend on your situation, of course. Beyond age dimming your eyes, things like construction or woodwork can also damage eyes through varying tiny particles that become lodged in them.

Have protection available for such situations, and get in the habit of using that protection now. You can’t stop long-term damage, but you may be able to keep further damage from impacting you. Remember, you’ve got more control than you may realize. Protect your eyes.

Securing Better Eye Health Over the Long-Term

Vision does decline with age, so wear eye protection. Quit smoking, that will help keep your eyes more effective longer. Assure you are regularly examined by qualified professionals. Exercise your eyes, and eat foods that are healthy to your eye health overall.