December 5, 2023

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Easy Tips to Lessen Back Pain at Night

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Easy Tips to Lessen Back Pain at Night

Poor posture and bad work habits are the main culprit behind a very large number of people suffering from back aches, so much that even kids as young as 20 are joking about how they have back aches they should only get in their 50s. The problem? Spending too much time staring at computer screens, be it for work or for school. People who have hard jobs or spend most time on their feet – like construction workers or hospital nurses – also suffer.

It seems like the solution lies in taking care of yourself and making tiny changes in your routine that will help keep your back pain at bay. Here are some things you can do at night that will help.

The Right Mattress

If you have a mattress that is too hard or too soft, your body isn’t being supported properly at night and you need to change it asap. Once you have the right mattress for you, your back and your spine will finally get the right support throughout the night.

This can result in a lot of the stress that was causing you pain to be taken away. After a week or two with your new mattress, you’ll feel that your back ache is slowly receding. If you have a kids mattress that’s too firm, you can simply put a mattress cover on it to make it soft. On the other hand, you’ll just have to buy a firmer mattress if you feel like yours is too hard.

The Right Sleeping Position

Once you have the right mattress, you might want to pay attention to the way you sleep. Avoid sleeping on your front and try to sleep on your side more often than not. This is because while sleeping on your front puts the most stress on your spine and back, sleeping on your side has the most benefits, and is better for your spine.

If you want to make this better for yourself, try to put a firm pillow between your knees when you sleep, and make sure you’re using the right pillow for yourself.


Use a Hot Water Bottle

Most of the time, sleeping cold isn’t helpful when it comes to your back aches. This is why a warm water bottle can help you sleep easier and ease some of the stress in the muscles in your back. Once you feel the warmth seeping into your bones, you’ll notice that your back aches are slowly disappearing.

Get In and Out of Bed With Care

If you suffer from severe back aches, it’s not a good idea to move into and out of bed recklessly. Be careful and move slowly to ensure you don’t end up accidentally hurting yourself or making yoru back aches worse.

Slowly roll onto your side and then push yourself up with the help of your arms. This way you’ll be able to sit up at the side of your bed, and then get off normally but still slowly. Doing this will make sure that there’s no extra strain on your back that can cause you more pain.