July 24, 2024

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Covid-19 Presents a New Challenge to Sobriety

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Covid-19 Presents a New Challenge to Sobriety

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it many challenges. It has increased the dangers faced during recovery and has made well-tried responses less reliable. Ever since the pandemic emerged, it has kicked people out of their comfort zone. The fear of the disease has resulted in stress levels increasing. Financial meltdown is a common fear among the masses. People are anxious throughout the UK and the world. They are afraid about what they can do. As the government has made it necessary for people to distance themselves socially and self-isolate, it is not the best of news for most people, especially those that suffer from addiction.

Most people have been forced to adjust to the new way of life and those suffering from addiction have been the worst affected. It is common for such people to experience feelings of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. The fact is that addiction is a pandemic in itself as it has taken the lives of many and has been around for quite some now.

Alcoholics Anonymous has presented its 12 step derivatives known as Gamblers Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous which have proven to be successful. Their solution is based on human interaction. In fact, their slogan “You are no longer alone” has encouraged newcomers to attend meetings. Longstanding members of the group support the local meetings with regularity and fervor that you would commonly find among churchgoers. It is a type of alcohol rehab or drug rehab program that offers a way out of the problem.

The recent government has advised everyone to distance themselves and self-isolate which requires the self-help groups to rethink how they are run. The truth is that self-isolation simply does not sit well with alcohol rehab and any other program aiming to help addicts. However, it does not mean that those seeking recovery need to panic. The fact is that the groups simply need to change the way they operate.

Virtual Meetings

There are many members who fear that virtual meetings would replace actual meetings permanently. Although it might appear an easy substitution, there is just something about a warm handshake of welcome and a cup of tea that makes a huge difference. There certainly are tools in place that can be used for hosting virtual meetings such Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, and the old-fashioned telephone. Thus, communication is not the issue. It all comes down to connection since people feel that physical presence is necessary.

Progress Does Not Mean Perfection

A new approach is needed for solving all our problems. You might feel powerless at the moment. However, there is a lot that we can learn through drug rehab and by adapting to the changes. It is the only way to seek treatment. There is no denying that all it takes for a former addict to stay sober is by talking to other hopeless alcoholics. Therefore, as long as addicts speak to one another and focus on hope, they can achieve everything that they desire.