December 8, 2022

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Book Review – Teen Dream Jobs – How to Find the Job You Really Want Now

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Book Review – Teen Dream Jobs – How to Find the Job You Really Want Now

I recently got done with, “Adolescent Dream Jobs: How to secure the position you truly need now!” by Nora E. Coon. I should say that I was not excessively dazzled with the substance of the book. As the title recommends, the book is tied in with assisting adolescents with securing positions. The creator gives data on the best way to get a new line of work, continue guidance, how to dress for the meetings and other guidance for high schooler work searchers. However, the data is great, a lot of it is obsolete.

Here work looking for exhortation appears to be more pertinent to a pursuit of employment in 1999, as opposed to 2009. She scarcely addresses the web and the new position sheets intended for youngsters and the abundance of assets accessible for high schooler work searchers. Actually all of the data introduced in this book can undoubtedly be found on the web with a basic google search. The creator gives no new or state of the art procedures that make it worth coughing up cash for.

What I enjoyed about the book is the tests that she gives. There are an assortment of self evaluation practice that truly get the peruser pondering what they like, and abhorrence, and what they are energetic about. There is likewise a test that will assist with figuring out which profession way would be most reasonable in view of your character qualities. I really took a portion of these tests myself and I should say that I viewed them as very precise.
All things being equal, I tracked down the book to have a few brilliant spots yet by and large I felt the book didn’t give sufficient new data to warrant a buy.