July 21, 2024

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Are You A Victim Of Product Liability? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Victim Of Product Liability

We live in a world surrounded by products from the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the cars we drive, and just about anything that is being used by man in everyday living even up to the time when we go to sleep.

But what if a product was responsible for causing injury or damage to a person or more? Seeking advice from personal injury attorneys, Virginia Beach would be the next practical thing to do, considering that the manufacturer is bound to adhere to product liability laws governing the creation and use of their products.

What Is Product Liability?

Laws governing product liability stipulates that it is a company’s primary duty to ensure the protection of consumers from hazards of using their products. The main concept behind the law is that manufacturers have the salient knowledge of their products, thereby making it justifiable to assume accountability for injuries or damages caused in the use of those products.

In the US, product liability laws vary from state to state and are determined by statutes or legislation that govern it. Nonetheless, each and every type of product liability claim would require proof or evidence to support a valid claim.

Regardless of where a product liability claim is made or represented by any personal injury attorney Virginia Beach VA, it is expected that each product liability lawsuit claim has its own unique circumstances and outcomes, whether favorable or unfortunate.

What Are The Different Types Of Product Liability? 

There are three main essential types of product liability claims.

First, products that are manufactured with defects such as a commercially produced drug tainted with a toxic substance as part of its ingredients, a swing set with a cracked chain link, a motorbike with missing brake pads, etc.

Second, products that were defectively designed that passed on to manufacturing such as sunglasses designed for UV protection but failed to protect the eyes from UV rays, a car model that unsuspectingly accelerates at any time even without the driver stepping on the gas pedal, electric blankets that shocks users when switching to different heat options, etc.

Third, the lack of adequate instructions or warning pertaining to the use of the product such as corrosive cleaning chemicals sold without handling instructions or hazard warnings, a narcotic cough formula that results in harmful side effects when combined with specific medicines, etc.

When harm or injury is caused by failure to adhere to these product liability requirements, companies are liable for the effects of their products on its use y consumers.

Thus, victims are entitled to file product liability claims with personal injury attorneys Virginia Beach.

Seeking proper legal representation for a product liability claim is not just to protect your rights as a consumer who has been injured or became a victim of damage resulting from the use of a product, but it is also a means to ensure other consumers are protected and to avoid further harm and damage to others.