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All you need to know about Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler

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All you need to know about Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler

Who is Carl Daikeler?

If you’re wondering who is Carl Daikeler? Then keep reading!Carl Daikeler is Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Beachbody Company, a leader in digital at-home fitness and nutrition with more than a two decade record of creating innovative content and powerful brands.

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Carl Daikeler was born and grew up in Lansdale, Pa. In 1986, he received a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Ithaca College. After that he pursued a major in incorporating organizational media.

Daikeler was previously in infomercials for Lifeline Gym. Being a sought-after direct marketing executive early in his career, Carl shifted his focus entirely to fitness and weight loss. Creating a surprise breakout hit, “:08 Minute Abs”, it was then that he recognized the potential of the in-home fitness content opportunity.

Carl makes millions of worth by selling fitness videos. His company hit more than $1 billion in sales back in 2014. In 2008, the company revenues exceeded $300 million, and projections for 2009 exceed $380 million. Beachbody now stands as a multi billion dollar company in 2021.

How did Carl Daikeler founded Beachbody?

In pursuit of maintaining his own health and fitness from home, Carl found an amazing solution for the growing obesity epidemic. Which led him to envision a company with a mission to help people achieve their health goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Initially, he started off with a small step and sold fitness packages directly to consumers rather than involving retailers as middlemen. It was the first success of his product.

Eventually, in 1998, he co-founded a company named ‘Beachbody’, along with Jon Congdon in Santa Monica, California.

Utilizing his immense experience in product marketing and direct response, Carl has led to formulate one of the most compelling and comprehensive catalogs of more than 1400 videos on nutrition and fitness by world-renowned experts in the industry.

The Beachbody model integrates the two major parts, one is of supplements – namely Shakeology line of superfood protein supplements – and the other, a peer-support system of Team Beachbody Coaches. And that is how Carl Daikeler founded Beachbody.

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The  Company has 2 million customers out of which 340,000 of them are “Coaches.” Coaches were originally customers first who achieved amazing results with our program, so it’s the next step. Being a Coach is a way to monetize their relationship with Beachbody.

Peer support is of exceeding value which enables our Beachbody Coaches to help people succeed and achieve their goals. Accountability through Coach and group support is critical to achieving success. Offering their videos and products online has helped them leverage sales and also help build strong customer relations even during the pandemic.

Currently having groups on Facebook and Instagram for communications with their customers, they are making sure to launch BODygroups to make it easier for Coaches and customers to engage within Beachbody on Demand.

Know more about Carl Daikeler

Carl lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Isabelle Brousseaul, and two children, Ann and Danny. By profession, Isabelle is a nutritionist, a personal trainer and also is one of the creators of Shakeology. Isabella holds two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Kinesiology from College Francais, and the other is in Sports psychology from UCLA. She is also certified in medicine ball training, scientific conditioning and back training and fitness for women.

Daikeler can be seen active on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you can learn more about Carl Daikeler.  His social media channels are filled with pictures of healthy meals and recipes, happy reviews and stories of his customers. Moreover, he also posts to promote his products.

Because of having a creative background in theater, Carl has been an active producer of multiple Broadway productions in his spare time. He has won two Tony Awards for Hadestown and the revival of Once On This Island. Stand-up paddle boarding and bicycling are his favorite hobbies.