December 1, 2023

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5 Tips on Choosing Plus Size Activewear for Women

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Finding the right size and fit of activewear is challenging when you are a bit chubby. However, do not let your curves stop you from finding the right activewear. If you want to look for plus size activewear for women that is not too loose or is overall unattractive in designs, you should follow the tips below. Finding the right size will help you narrow down your choices for easier picking.

1. Do Not Pick Out Baggy Activewear 

Having to opt plus size activewear doesn’t mean that you have to go for oversized and baggy ones. Working out in baggy clothes will not help you work out properly. It could even make you feel unfashionable. If you are working out, you should wear something that fits you perfectly. Do not be afraid to show off your curves. You are doing something that will make you have a healthier lifestyle, so bear with those stares you get until you get the shape you want.

Also, wearing baggy clothes in the gym can be dangerous. Loose ends and tips could be caught on gym equipment, and you will never know what freak accidents could happen.

2. Find Something That Flatters Your Shape 

There is a lot of activewear available out there that isn’t too fitting. You can always find something that flatters your body shape. You should not wear anything uncomfortable or something that would make you want to shy away from the crowd while you exercise.

Pick activewear that makes you feel sexy and confident.

3. Choose Breathable and Lightweight Fabric 

You are exercising just like everyone else. That is why you should pick activewear made of lightweight and breathable fabric. If you want to be efficient when going to the gym and effectively utilise the time you are there, never wear cotton. It makes you sweat more, but it also absorbs all the sweat and becomes soggy and heavy. It will then make you slower as you progress with your workout. With a lightweight and breathable fabric, you do not have to worry about your clothing weighing you down, and then you can perform more exercises and gradually will be better at them.

4. Check the Thickness of the Fabric 

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The thickness of the fabric is also an essential factor. You do not want to wear something see-through while working out. You also do not want to wear activewear that makes you worry about it tearing anytime you work out. The fabric’s thickness should be squat-proof but not too thick, making it difficult for you to move around.

5. Use Supportive Sports Bra 

Sports bras are essential, especially for women who have large breasts. Without a proper sports bra, it can lead to back and breast pain while or after working out. If you are uncomfortable while working out, you cannot do the exercises correctly.

To know if the sports bra is supportive, it should feel snug against your back. The shoulder straps should also have a comfortable fit and should not dig in your shoulders. Also, check the material if it is sturdy or not.

Activewear for plus size women is not difficult to find if you know what to find. Where to find it is another thing. You have to look at websites or physical stores that offer quality activewear for your size. Look for activewear that works with you and not against you.