July 23, 2024

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How to Build Muscles the Healthy Way

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How to Build Muscles the Healthy Way

Who else in the world doesn’t want to get healthy and fit? Having a fit body nowadays is already a necessity in order to keep up with our demanding work and lifestyle. For most of us who wanted to get the best shape for our body, we spend a lot of time working out, popping diet pills, and trying out different diet meal plans.

Exercising and going regularly to a fitness gym is one of the most popular solutions to gain weight and muscles. You gear yourself to do high-intensity workouts to sweat out and burn unnecessary calories. In some cases where you need to grind a lot because of massive body weight, you look for a fitness coach who can guide you to achieve your goal.

Another way to get your ideal body is to eat healthy foods. Nowadays, people try a gamut of diet plans to get the body they want like keto or a vegan diet. These are just some of the meal plans with calculated nutritional value that you can indulge every day without worrying about gaining weight or fats.

The ways mentioned above are just some of the common methods of achieving an impressive body figure. These are practices that we can do daily, accompanied by patience and determination. While it is true that these things can help maintain a fit body, there are other ways that you can still practice to achieve a leaner and well-toned physique.

These methods are practical and easy to do. Hence, make sure that you apply or incorporate them to your current workout routine along with a healthy diet to get the results you want. Once you do, you are confident that you only don’t just achieve your body goals, but you are also maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle.

Utilize Protein Supplements

Protein supplements help the muscles build faster when we work out. For people with slim body types who wanted to gain weight drastically and get the body type they want, taking protein supplements is a god-send method. These supplements help in building the body muscle faster and even better when they exercise and lift weights. For a list of the best supplements on the market, you can click here.

While it’s overwhelming to drink protein supplements as advised by health experts, you also have to understand that it does not work like magic. It means that you have to follow the right procedure for taking such a supplement. You have to consult first your doctor first with regards to the amount of protein you take every day, depending on your current body type.

Take note that there are many protein supplements you can find the market, all claiming to give you excellent results within a short period of time. And although all of them contain the nutrients you need to aid in building your weight and body muscles, only a few of them can deliver satisfactory results. Some of these protein supplements are dymatize iso100 whey protein that can help you gain muscles right away.

While we can’t stress enough the benefits of protein supplements because they do wonders in building muscles, you also need to remember that it’s still best to eat lean meat and other natural foods that are rich in protein. You should not make it as your sole source of protein.

Start Gradually

Achieving that perfect waistline and flat tummy without looking too scrawny, or having washboard, six pack-pack abs without looking like a wrestler is a goal that men and women alike want to get. However, you also need to bear in mind that gaining weight and building your muscles does not happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that takes time, effort, and yes, money.

The first thing you must do is to consult a dietician and ask for a recommendation with regards to the start-up process you must do. You need to understand the whole process first by starting with the volume and type of food you will eat.

Aside from that, you also have to ask what are the start-up exercises you must do as you progress along the way.

Slowly Increase Your Protein Frequency Intake

As you progress on your goals and move forward towards achieving your ideal vital statistics, you need a higher percentage of protein intake. As mentioned above, protein is responsible for building the muscle faster and helps you burn calories efficiently.

Thus, you need to increase the frequency of our protein intake daily. Rest assured that you do not only save time in exercising a lot, but you can observe a faster development in your overall body fitness goal.

Always Eat Clean and Healthy Foods

It is probably the most important tip you must follow if you want to gain weight and muscles. Working out is a tiring job that sometimes tricks you into eating a lot to regain your energy. But, bear in mind that you must choose the food you should eat to get progressive with your goal. Here are some healthy meal samples you can choose

Breakfast. You can have a hearty breakfast by eating and protein-rich foods such as chicken, and salmon, and drinking a 12-ounce pure orange juice or skim milk. You can also eat two slices of wheat bread, a scrambled egg, and two slices of ham or cheese.

Lunch. You may opt to eat a chicken salad, baked potato, omelettes, hash browns, and pasta with only two chickens.

Dinner. Your meals for dinner should contain both carbohydrate and protein-rich foods. For protein, you can choose a chicken, fish, pork, or turkey meal. A low-carb diet can also include pasta, corn, or baked potato. You may also select low-fat milk or juice for drinks.

After-Work out Meal. You only need quick snacks like yogurt, sports drinks, and energy bar.


Building muscles is not an easy task to take. You have to put all your effort, dedication, and patience so you can achieve your ideal body frame and weight. Fortunately, with the techniques outlined above, your dream of having a perfect body is no longer a pipe one.